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Roma vs Sampdoria Talking Points #1434

Sampdoria battled in Defeat

Sampdoria has had a very difficult season this campaign. They are probably safe from the possibility of relegation, but with many points still up for grabs, it still becomes a slight possibility that they could get dragged back down into that conversation. It would be devastating to see a club with so much Rich history get relegated at the end of the season. However, as I said for many years, Genoa and Sampdoria are a package deal. I either want them in the league or in the second flight. Considering the passion of that particular Derby. However, between the two, Sampdoria should feel comfortable with their position, but they still need to be aware of the relegation fight and proceed with caution. Seven points clear from the Drop Zone. In hindsight, they have the right to be disappointed in the result, especially at home, where the atmosphere can be quite challenging for opposing teams. However, most teams in the bottom half of the table approach game like this a certain way. They either play super defensive trying to hold off the possibility of getting the point or are hyper-aggressive and risk everything. Sampdoria didn’t do either. It was a very calculated approach. It kept them in this game throughout the 90 minutes. In the beginning, they were very aggressive, trying to make Roma vulnerable, hoping to force mistakes. They pressed at the very beginning to see how the defensive structure would react to the very particular situation. As the game developed, they eased up a little bit, making sure defensively they weren’t going to make mistakes either. It was an adamant opening half as Sampdoria made Roma work for everything. Eventually, Roma made a breakthrough through Hendrick Mkhitaryan. Although they conceded it was also very unlucky on their part, you could argue that they made mistakes in the situation that got them down, but it also was down to misfortune. In the end, Roma deserved to take the lead as they were the better team in the first half, but their conceding the goal had very little to do with mistakes being made by Sampdoria, who played more or less mistake-free all the way through it. They just took it to another level in the second half; they pressed so aggressively against the Roma defense. It did not let them get any breathing space, and as remarkable as it sounds, Roma was pinned in their own box. Rome eventually got through on a couple of counterattacks in the second half, but they spent most of the time reacting to the pressure that Sampdoria put them under. Promise defense was without fail the way they organized and structured themselves was nothing short of spectacular. No matter the scenario, Roma wasn’t going to be budged. Still, the strategy and approach in that second half with spectacular Sampdoria should make them feel very prideful about their performance, especially in the second half. Even in defeat, a performance like this really could Inspire this team to perform well the rest of the season, which will give them the confidence to survive this season. The only negative thing you could probably say from their perspective other than losing the game was the horrific Crossing into the box. Considering how well the defense is playing, the only way they could have possibly beat them was with service in the box; it was erratic, and they couldn’t find the Rhythm in that area at all; outside of that, they played as well as you could have in a losing effort.

Roma in Top 5; Napoli vs Roma Will Determine Title

Roma has been wildly inconsistent this season. They’ve gone up and down the table all season, especially regarding the European spots. Not that long ago, it seemed so far gone that the Europa League spot in itself seemed a little far-fetched. However, over the last 10 games, they are without a defeat, and it seems like the team is starting to come together. The team for next season, obviously we, will go through some changes, but getting into the Europa League would be a huge accomplishment considering how poor they have been at times this season. It has been truly a roller coaster ride. Roma is hitting their stride at exactly the right time. The big victory against Lazio sees them zeroing in on the possibility of a top-five finish, including finishing ahead of the rivals for the first time in a couple of years. Roma has done their part, but also they have been getting a little help from other results. Napoli’s 3–1 victory over Atalanta this weekend puts Roma in fifth place, three points clear of Atlanta. The reason that is so important is Atalanta has a game in hand, which means in a case where they drop points, Rome will sit there alone, and even if they win that game, they’ll be level on points and Roma on the head-to-head, which would give them the slight Edge in that scenario. Roma needs to continue to play as well as they possibly can until the end of the season, and there might be a little bit of luck on their side with some results starting to go there. On top of this, the Champions League spot is Within Reach, while it seems to be a massive stretch. Inter Milan did Roma a favor and beat Juventus in the Derby d’Italia. Juventus sit just Five Points ahead of Roma in the standings meaning there is a possibility of making the champions league. Still, at this point, I think it’s unrealistic to think that can happen, but you never know. Considering the attacking options that Juventus has, I would say it’s a tiny probability the thing we all need to focus on here is a top-five finish is Within Reach now. Roma plays the bottom of the league next weekend, and then they have Napoli at the Stadio Armando Maradona and then Inter Milan at the Stadio Olimpico. The entire season will come down to those two matches for where Roma finishes this season and for who wins the title. AC Milan dropped points on Monday, and now Napoli is just one point behind them. If Napoli beats Roma 2 weeks from now, they will win the scudetto. If they’re unable to do so, AC Milan wins. Roma, in reality, has the scudetto in their hands, not for themselves but the league. If they beat Napoli and Inter Milan could wreck Inter Milan and Napoli’s chances of winning the league title. However, if Roma loses both of those games, they’re going to have to count on others to help them out, and if Roma wins both of those games, they will solidify a top-five finish. They are the only two challenging games left on their schedule for the entire season for Roma, and the league will come down to those two games. The top-five finish has not solidified yet, but unbeaten in 10 should give them a lot of confidence with a shot to take down both.

Ugly Yet Necessary Victory for Roma

As I have mentioned repeatedly, Roma wants a Vibe for a top-five spot this season. Considering everything, it would be a tremendous conclusion to this campaign. Rome is unbeaten in their last 10, and this is very important. However, Roma needs to stay on course. Roma isn’t always going to have a dominating and beautiful performance to get the necessary points. It’s not always going to be a decapitation as we saw in the Derby. Sometimes things are going to be incredibly difficult, and Roma will need to find a way to fight through them. Sunday’s performance is a perfect example of that. Given Sampdoria and their desire to survive the season, it would be a tough environment going into it. Luigi Ferraris is a very difficult place to play and get results; the fans’ passion in that area is tremendous; it is a complex environment to put your cell phone. Especially when Roma is in a fight for four points throughout the rest of the season. The fans were going to be a factor. It was a classic Mourinho performance, a 1–0 victory that Roma held onto for dear life. Sampdoria stepped up to the plate and made things incredibly difficult run more able to hold them off, but it was an onslaught; it felt like the game was never going to end, and Roma was defending to their absolute best, but like I said all the time it only takes one chance to turn the game on its head Roma had a similar situation in the previous matchup. It was an ugly game that Roma needed to find a way to win, and ultimately they were able to do that. Roma probably preferred a more comfortable victory, but the main thing to remember is that they got there at the end, which truly matters. A mentally draining game to get on the other side of that with the points can be hugely important to the next couple of weeks; it was tough what Roma’s incredible defensive performance allowed them to get there, in the end, every couple of months there’s a game like this when you get yourselves into an ugly game that’s going to have a lot to do with Grit and work and everything else you have to get there in the end, and that’s exactly what Roma did.




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