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Roma vs Udinese Talking Points #1422

Jose Mourinho Disaster

Jose Mourinho had an absolute Horror Show on Sunday against Udinese. He served a two-game suspension after kicking the ball into the crowd in a draw with Hellas Verona. During his absence under the assistant manager, Roma caught fire and played some of their best football of the season. 2 games, collecting 6 points and two clean sheets. Not to mention Roma played effectively in all channels of their team. It looked like Roma was arriving at the right time with some real momentum and confidence about them that they had not had in months. Roma had the game in the right frame of mind following two very positive performances, not only getting the points, but they played exceptionally well in both games without Jose Mourinho. The question is, what is his real value in this Roma team? After the performance against udinese, something’s been made clear while he may not be the problem, he certainly is not the solution either. Keep returned for the conference League and put together an incredibly underwhelming performance despite getting the result. There’s no doubt the influence he has mentality standpoint, but that is all he has shown, at least at the moment. Roma needed positive results going into the Derby they had been playing credibly well, and then all of a sudden, they stopped. The return of Jose Mourinho was incredibly erratic. Roma’s performance left something to be desired but still with a slight Improvement from before the suspension. They would have lost if it wasn’t for Pellegrini scoring a late penalty in stoppage time. Had they have lost, it would have been Jose Mourinho’s fault. The team didn’t look the same, and there was only one difference Jose Mourinho had his suspension lifted, and they were without henrikh Mkhitaryan. The Armenian is incredibly essential to the Roma Midfield and could have impacted the results, but Mourinho was the real difference in all honesty. He did not put Roma in a position to win the game; in fact, his decisions went the other way; his erratic choices nearly lost in the game. His substitutions were absolutely Dreadful. Sergio Oliveira was taken out for Stephan El Shaarawy, who had not played solid minutes for the team in quite a while in a game that room over losing. He then took out Tammy Abraham Roma’s biggest scoring threat and Rick karsdorp Roma’s most explosive player. Nothing they did, none of the changes he made any sense whatsoever, and those decisions hindered Roma’s performance in the second half. Romo is incredibly fortunate that they got a penalty in the end. None of the changes that Mourinho made any sense and all of them negatively impacted Roma’s performance. You cannot sit up here and tell me that he is the right manager for the club. I’m not suggesting he’s a bad manager, but he was not the right choice for this particular situation. He has had an incredible influence on the mentality, but that’s not enough. Europa League football would be incredible if they could achieve that; finishing top five will be a miracle now. Josie Mourinho made huge mistakes in this game. Does the special one take accountability? Nope, he attacks the mental strength of his players. Roma’s inability to collect maximum points has nothing to do with the team’s mental strength. In the last two games, they showed incredible mental strength beating Spezia at the end and doing the double over Atlanta; they showed great mentality over the 120 Minutes when he was suspended. This result is on him; he has to take responsibility; he left Nicolo zaniolo out there for the entire duration of the game even though he was significantly the worst player on the pitch and was making some of the most erratic decisions of the season, nothing he made no decision he made throughout the game made any sense it was horrific Mourinho needs to take responsibility for his actions because his actions are the primary reason why Roma did not collect all three points they were better the two weeks without him then the two games in his return all of a sudden all the confidence that Roma had going into the Derby is not there anymore if Mourinho holds Roma back in a match against udinese why would any of us believe he wouldn’t make the same type of errors in the Derby.

Rui Patrico has finally Ended Roma’s Goalkeeping Serach

Rui Patricio quickly established himself as the best goalkeeper in Italian football. There isn’t any debate regarding which goalkeeper will go into the team of the season; it is a rui Patricio, and then it’s everyone else. No disrespect to any of the other goalkeepers in Serie A, but rui Patricio is clear of all of them. Rui Patricio has 15 clean sheets in all competitions and 11 clean sheets in the league, ranking second in Italian football. The only goalkeeper with more clean sheets is Samir handanovic. However, the difference is that he has Stefan de vrij Milan skriniar and Alexandro Bastoni sitting in front of him, not to mention that he has proven to be erratic at times this season. Roma has been in a goalkeeping search for over four years since Alisson Becker Departed for the Premier League when he joined Liverpool for 75 million. Since his departure, Roma has had Robin Olsen, Antonio Mirante, Danielle fuzato, and Pau Lopez. They struggled to find a solution for the goalkeeping crisis in the Italian Capital up until this summer. Although there have been some high moments from some of his predecessors, there have been erratic plays from all of them. Lopez was the club’s most expensive goalkeeper ever, costing 25 million in two years; with the club, he only had nine clean sheets in 2 years, rui Patricio has already surpassed that. Rui Patricio already made a name for himself both with sporting in Portugal and Wolverhampton in the Premier League, not to mention he’s won the European championships of Portugal. He came with incredible experience and understands what it takes to win. Rui Patricio rarely makes mistakes at all. He is on top of his game regularly and has single-handedly kept Roma, and games they probably should have lost that’s the type of impact he is having in his first season in Italian football. At 34 years old, he is as good as any Keeper in the world, sternly in the top 10; the way the goalkeeping situation has transformed cannot be ignored. He has Gianluca Mancini, Rodger Ibanez, Chris Smalling, and Max Kumbulla in front of him; when you look at Roma’s defensive options, they are solid but not overwhelmingly great. Many of the other goalkeepers in this league have better options in front of them. He is heavily relied on in the trauma team, and not only has he lived up to the expectations, but he also has to pass them. Against udinese, he was in his element, getting his hands on absolutely everything. A Wonder strike from Molina beat him but outside of that, he was incredibly flawless; his reaction time, decision-making, and overall intelligence have made him such a revelation this season for Roma. Roma had been searching for a goalkeeper in years because every single season, poor decision-making or goalkeeping mistakes would stand in the way of points, and that’s been true ever since the big Brazilian left town. Now there’s a sense of belief that we know weekend and week out rui Patricio has all the capabilities to handle practically any situation. He can overpower defensive mistakes in his own box and still be able to make the plate he needs to. Roma has finally found a trusting goalkeeper with experience and all the ability to keep Romo involved in every game. Even when Roma loses because of the safe Pair of Hands in goal, they are not getting humiliated or blown off the pitch is everything Roma needed, and then some arguably the signing of the seasoned and experienced goalkeeper that has stepped up to the plate more times than I can count for just 13 million. He is having an unbelievable season at the Stadio Olimpico Sunday was just another example of that; he is the best goalkeeper in the league, and there isn’t a close second Romo able to get exactly what they were looking for, and he has been truly outstanding in the Roman colors.

Udinese Deserved More

Udinese would be a tricky matchup, and they turned out to be precisely that. Although Roma’s record against udinese is very much in their favor, it did not matter as udinese was prepared for the challenge and dealt with it. This is not the first team this season; it is near the top of the table in which they have stopped in their tracks. While they may be closer to the bottom of the table than the top, they can be a complicated matchup for anyone. Udinese has no threat of relegation but isn’t pushing Europe either. They came out aggressively had a good game plan against a Roma team that Mourinho poorly managed on Sunday. A Wonder strike from Molina gave them an early lead in the first half, and they can hold onto it until the end of the game. You could argue they should feel hard done by since their performance was auspicious and optimistic; even though they did not have a favorable advantage in the possession, it didn’t matter; they were still allowed to play their game and find a way through. A late penalty by Lorenzo Pellegrini saw two points slip out of their fingers; perhaps it’s something that udinese did not deserve if it wasn’t for the incredible performances of Rui Patricio, they could likely have put the game away and gotten themselves another goal. Udinese should feel disappointed that they couldn’t get the result in the end but put together quite a performance against Roma. If we’re being honest, they deserve to win the game it was tough luck as Roma got a big break in the end, but from start to finish they were the better team, and they showed their qualities throughout the 90 minutes it’s a point they take, but they really should feel that they could have collected maximum points.



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