Romania put a beating on Ukraine! For first Euro win in 23 Years! #2289

Romania 3 Ukraine 0FT

Eliot Ben-Ner
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10 min readJun 18, 2024


Allianz Arena, Munich

We are about to kick off with day four of the European championships in Germany. We revert back to Munich to get things kicked off in group E. This group consists of Slovakia, Belgium, the Ukraine and Romania. On Monday afternoon For the first matchup of the day. it is Romania against the Ukraine at the Allianz Arena. Romania has had an incredibly difficult journey to get to this point. They have not been at a major tournament since Euro 2016. They haven’t won a game at a international tournament since 2000. Romania, historically during the ’90s was a very strong side. In 1994, Romania made the Semi-Final but over three successive World cups they made it out of The group stage. Romanian legend Hagi Is a big reason why. one of the best players of the ’90s. however, since Euro 2000 they have not tasted any moment of significance. As a Romanian myself, it has been a long wait for all of us. Last time they were on this stage was Euro 2016. they did not win a single game. Since Edward Iordănescu has been absolutely excellent. In qualifying they finished top of the group without defeat. In 2016 they didn’t have the team or resources to handle themselves on the big stage. however, our belief is this time around for Romania could have a knockout stage in their future. The vast majority of the Romania side is playing in Europe. Dennis Mann at Parma, Razvan Marin at Empoli and Hagi’s son Ianis playing in La Liga not to mention a few others playing in the top five leagues. Meanwhile Dragus was the third highest goal scorer in Turkey last season and Radu moved to Tottenham in the Premier League last season. That is Romania may not have an established Superstar, but Marin has developed himself into A top 10 midfielder in Italy. In this opening match it will be a huge test for Romania as they are set to play their biggest match in 23 years. On the other side of the coin, the Ukraine have done very well making quarterfinals in Euro 2020 However, They have managed to produce some top talents among the top five leagues. Dovbyk & Tsygankov at Girona, Zinchenko at Arsenal, Mudryk at Chelsea and Champions League winner at Real Madrid goalkeeper Lunin. They finished third in their group by the playoff beating Wales in qualifying. A strong start to this tournament could mean a great deal as kickoff approaches in Munich.

Romanians from the tip off appear to have taken over Munich as we see a lot of yellow of Romania throughout the Allianz Arena fans on the verge of tears from the first minute. Ukraine ended up having a big advantage in possession. Romania felt comfortable playing off the ball. They know the qualities that they possess while at the same time can rely on their defensive structure to frustrate the Ukraine in many ways. Romania had one of the best defenses in qualifying and looked to put it into play early on. It was expected to be a very narrow game. more or less every inch was going to count. In the 8th minute, after dealing with an early deflection, Romania started to put things into play. Razvan Marin showed His plane aching abilities as he dumps it off to Bucharest midfielder Coman he strikes from outside the box stinging the hands of Lunin, but the Real Madrid goalkeeper collects the ball making the save. However, Romania showing their strikeability in the attack as Ukraine under pressure pretty quickly. Ukraine didn’t move the ball that well but with the possession on their side managed to create a few chances, however they had to deal with the wrap of the Romanian defense. In the 12th minute Sudakov But his attempt from the left side ran into the Romanian defense. A little while later in the 22nd minute Dovbyk put his foot through a headed pass that was nowhere near the target. the game has started very well for Romania as they continue to build momentum and even when they are pressed in the attacking sense, they have been able to handle the situation. Romania has been waiting a decade for the moment. The Ukraine makes a costly error allowing Romania to pounce on it. In the 29th minute A bad back bass is issued to Lunin the keeper tries to boot it down as he was getting pressed by the Romanian attackers Dennis Mann picks it off as he collects in from just outside the box. The Parma winger sends a beautiful pass into Stanciu as the Romanian Captain follows through on the first touch, sending an absolute rocket into the top left corner as Romania take a 1–0 lead.

Romania finds themselves in front at the European championships for the first time in a decade. The Romanian fans from surrounding the stadium are in tears. as they are searching for their first win at an international tournament in 23 years. massive mistake by the Ukrainian defense and poor clearance from the goalkeeper as it is picked off by their most explosive lawyer right into the space of the captain as he scores one of the goals. the tournament thus far Romania is in Dreamland and have all the momentum now as the Ukrainians Now have a job to do. Romania had very Little of the ball but somehow was still appearing very much in control of the match. as we got later into the first half, Ukraine tried to open it up a little bit more but kept running into problems with the Romanian defense. In the 38th minute Dennis Mann tried to put something together again. by this time, he ran into a deflection off of The Ukraine. The first half would come to a close with Romania in front thanks the wonder strike from Stanciu.

The match Still remains open as this is far from finished if Romania keep their momentum going, they could end this very quickly though, especially with the ability to hit on the counter attack. However, Ukraine does have the majority of the ball giving them an ample opportunity to find their moment. It still was up in the air but not for very much longer. Romania operate with high energy and kept the momentum from the first half going for them. In the 56th minute they got on the counter attacks it is swiftly pushed forward for Razvan Marin the midfielder unloads from outside the box as he drives it into the bottom corner as a Romania find themselves in dreamland holding a 2–0 lead.

Lunin certainly Should have done better to get his hands on that one. The Real Madrid goalkeeper was the hero for the vast majority of their Champions League run. however, this afternoon perhaps he is displaying why he’s not a first-choice goalkeeper. only his fourth goal for the national team yet won’t find a bigger one than that one. The Ukraine completely unraveling with now pressure mounting on a quick reply before everything collapses. In the 56th minute Dennis Mann delivers a nice ball near the right side of the box Ratiu strikes at the near post but is saved by the goalkeeper. however, a minute later in the 57th minute on the corner. Dennis Mann displays his athleticism and dribbling ability again. He collects it before going through several blue shirts He then sends a cross into the box as Dennis Dragus pokes it into the bottom corner. The Parma star puts the Ukrainian defense in a blender as Dragus delivers the kill shot. Romania is absolutely blitzing through the Ukraine now holding a 3–0 lead.

Romania still with less than 30% of the ball but have looked far and away at the better team. Not long after Hagi came onto the pitch. The son of Romania’s greatest Son now at an international tournament on a big stage like his father. A big round of applause by the Romanian supporters for both Dennis Mann For his performance and Hagi For his entrance to the game. Finally in the 77th minute Florian Nita is put to work as Sudakov rips one from outside the box before the timely save. Roma in control. just needing to see this out. In the 84th minute Mudryk on the counter attack has the ball in good space tries to cash in but his effort flies over the corner. Ukraine trying to at least get a consolation goal, but the minutes and seconds have winded down as we are in the last couple of minutes. In the 90th minute Yaremchuck drives a nice effort from the left side that hits the post. Then in the closing moments Mudryk goes for distance again. This one landing in the hands of Florian Nita the full-time whistle goes in Munich as Romania go to the top of the group! their first victory had a major tournament in 23 years. A sea of yellow in the stands in tears showing exactly how much it means as Ukraine was to put it nicely is picked apart.

Romania has gone through an awful lot over the years. after being such a prominent figure at these tournaments, there has been a huge drought in terms of consistently qualifying and having somewhat success on the big stage. The last time Romania won a game at an international tournament was June 20th, 2000. They were in a group with Germany, England and Portugal. They ended up finishing second in the group behind Portugal. However, their last official victory at a major tournament was a 3–2 victory against England in the last match of the group stage. 23 years later they put together as dominating of a performance as they ever have at an international tournament. One of the best days in Romanian history. The people of Romania should celebrate like they won something significant. that’s how long it has been however, at the same time should feel optimistic about what they can do against Belgium and Slovakia. By the end of the night, they still remained top of the group. Belgium was stunned by Slovakia in Frankfurt. Romania can put themselves in the driver seat to win the group with a result against Belgium on Saturday night. Ukraine was absolutely beaten to a pulp against Romania. Even though Romania only had 27% possession, they found a way to still dominate which is incredibly difficult to do with that little of the ball. However, it did not stop them defensively Romania was always going to stifle and frustrate Ukraine. The biggest question from this tournament wasn’t whether or not they could shut teams down. it was going to be whether or not they can have the level of production on the other side. In the attacking phase they showed out Stanciu with a sensational goal. Marin was a wonderful strike of his own and then Dragus finding the back of the net in his own right. We saw Hagi come off the bench and contribute The last time Romania won a match at the Euros his father started 23 years later. his son contributes off the bench a beautiful moment when you really think about it. he’s not his father but Hagi Still is on the back of his jersey. However Dennis Mann ran the show for Romania the Parma winger that recently got them promoted. absolutely was the playmaker in the middle as well as that wide. He supplied two assists and was everywhere. A truly spectacular display from an individual perspective, but mostly Romania showed they have enough weaponry in the attack to score the goals they need because defensively they are sharp as attack. Ukraine barely tested them as Nita only needed to make two saves throughout the 90 minutes we witnessed. Romania put together a terrific display, a five-star performance from them. Not only did they dominate played extremely well, but they also were fun to watch. played an attractive brand of football as in a weird way letting everybody know that if they get hot they can lead forward and make a run that nobody expects them to. we must not get ahead of ourselves. however, this performance and this result is a cause for celebration. Romania hasn’t tasted a moment like this in over 20 years. however, with that they should be optimistic now that not only will they go through but winning the group is a true possibility. Belgium looked rough against Slovakia. Romania is far better than Slovakia with more weapons and a stingier defense prospects of what they can go on to do over these next two games look promising as they absolutely put the hammer down on the Ukraine.