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Roma’s Seven Minutes of Hell as Juventus erases 3–1 deficit at the Stadio Olimpico #1366

Juventus 4 A.S Roma 3FT

Following a brutal showing in a 3-1 loss at the San Siro on Thursday night Roma look to get things back on track as they had an incredible challenge as they returned to the stadio olimpico. Roman would host Juventus in Rome on three days rest. Desperately trying to avoid Juventus doing the double against Roma. To make matters worse Roma would be without Gianluca Mancini and Rick karsdorp. Juventus who won the first meeting in Turin and what was a narrow victory for the old lady. They would come into this as favorites hoping to be able to do it again. Max allegri would have to watch the game from the stands as we saw arguably the best match of football this season in what turned out to be a seven-goal thriller. Tammy Abraham gave Roma early lead coming off the corner. Juventus would have an almost immediate reply with Paulo dybala curling in a stunner to level the playing field. It was nip-and-tuck during the first half but there was nothing to split between the teams prior to the break. We saw an explosion of attacking football and deficiencies defensively in the second half. Mkhitaryan fired a deep strike early in the second half taking a big defection before landing in the back of the net as Roma would take a 2-1 lead. Then Romo get themselves a third as Lorenzo Pellegrini can an absolute screamer coming off a free kick. Despite being a big underdogs in the game it looks like Roma had a chance of securing maximum points. Then everything went wildly wrong. With about 20 minutes to go Roma conceded three goals in the span of seven minutes. Manuel locatelli's header got a goal back for Juventus. Kulusevski would get Juventus another one just minutes later before Mattia de sciglio ended it. A epic collapse from Roma as the defense betrays them again. Romo had a way back in as a penalty was called and Mathias delete was sent off with red however Lorenzo Pellegrini misses the penalty as mental strength was lacking from this Roma side. With 20 minutes to go they more or less had the points secured before it ends in agony as Roma need to ask themselves a lot of questions as the final whistle blows. Can Roma continue to rely on Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham to do everything for this team that is a question that sings Through the stadio olimpico this evening as Juventus come back from two goals down to earn a 4-3 victory in Serie A classic a seven-goal thriller in what a climatic evening as Juventus 7 Minute turn was around plunges the knife at stadio olimpico.

After preparations and predictions, the match was about to get underway at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, a clash between Italian football heavyweights as Roma and Juventus would lock horns. Roma was looking to rebound after an abysmal performance against AC Milan just a few days ago, hoping to find a certain sense of inspiration against a Juventus team fighting for Champions League football. Paulo Dybala administered a dangerous look from close range just minutes into the game, but rui Patricio managed to deal with the situation. It was an early scare for Roma, but the Romans could deal with it and retaliate with a couple of chances of their own. A minute later, Bryan cristante fired to the left as his header was a bit off Target coming off the corner. 4 minutes later, Roma would be in the thick of it again as Chris Smalling headed past to Tammy Abraham nearly found the back of the net as the Englishmen hookup on a pair of headers, but the keeper was able to deal. A minute later, Federico Chiesa ripped a gaping strike from outside the box but nearly could have found the back of the net well within his right to take it but goes a little bit wide, not really testing the Portuguese shot-stopper. Roma continued to push forward and did have an aggressive approach to start the game eventually; they would cash it in. On a corner kick in the 11th minute, Jordan veretout delivers a perfectly-placed cross inside to Tammy Abraham. He has Tammy Abraham mutually unmarked Rises up as he puts his head to the Cross into the back of the net, Roma takes a shock 1–0 lead.

It would be Tammy Abraham’s eighth goal in Serie A this season and his 14th in all competitions equaling what he had for Chelsea last season already; he is the highest scorer English player this season. Bryan cristante just a few minutes later, tried stretching from outside the box but to no avail as Szczesny made the save. This only setup Paulo Dybala to do what Paulo Dybala does; in the 18th minute, Paulo Dybala retrieve the ball from Federico Chiesa just outside the box in the preferred area; he takes one touch before sending in a curler out of range of rui Patricio, giving Roma no chance as the ball of scores and absolute superb strike to get the equalizer. A game that was largely expected to be very low-scoring, very intense. It was already looking like somewhat a thriller with two goals scored in the opening 20 minutes want to piece it was game on at the Stadio Olimpico.

Roma attempted to get an immediate response when Lorenzo Pellegrini hits a strike from outside the box as Szczesny makes the save. Just a few minutes past the half-hour mark, Juventus’s assistant manager had to make a change as Federico Chiesa, who’s just returned from injury, looks badly hurt. He had to be replaced as kulusevski would replace him as Juventus was forced to make one of their substitutions already. Almost immediately, Juventus had a chance to capitalize, but Weston mckennie poorly managed the situation firing a deep strike right into the back of the Roma defense. The American midfielder was having a very productive game but just mishandled himself at that moment. It was more or less back and forth throughout the rest of the first half. Juventus had a late chance with just a few minutes before the break as kulusevski could not convert on his header as the first half ended with a goal apiece thanks to Tammy Abraham and Paulo Dybala.

Roma did appear as the better team, at least in the opening 45 minutes; they looked more comfortable on the ball; they are applying more pressure on the backline; the plan was working at least so far. However, there really weren’t that many high-quality chances outside of the two goals, apart from Tammy Abraham and Paulo Dybala finding the back of the net. We would need to fasten our seat belts for the second half as it was an explosion attacking football from both teams. On Roma’s first shot in the second half, they struck gold with a little bit of luck in the 48th minute Mkhitaryan struck from way out after retrieving the ball from Lorenzo Pellegrini the strike took a significant deflection on consequently Landing in the back of the net as Roma took a 2–1 lead. The Armenians’ third goal would be as Roma put together a substantial lead. Roma with cash in it yet again on their very next opportunity. Roma teenage sensation Felix Afena pushed the ball forward, showing excellent pace. Tammy Abraham sprinting up the mid mutually by himself with another hovering on the outside instead of making the pass, he tried to take it by himself and Incredibly selfish action; however, he won a free-kick, and in the 53rd minute, Lorenzo Pellegrini hit an absolute rocket into the top corner as Roma ran out to a 3–1 lead as he scored his sixth goal in Serie A this season and his ninth in all competitions.

Things were going swimmingly; it looks like rum was on the verge of capturing maximum points as everything went horribly wrong very quickly. Alvaro Morata comes off the bench for Juventus. He makes an immediate impact in the 70th minute on the right-wing Alvaro Morata manages to drop Mathias Vina before sending in a perfectly-placed cross inside to Manuel Locatelli, who was wide open, giving him a free header. No Roma Defender was around him, although he was just sitting in the middle of the box horrific defending. Roma had to pay for it as the defensive midfielder followed through with his head giving rui Patricio no chance as Juventus and minimizing the deficit. It would worsen 2; minutes later, in the 72nd minute, Juan Cuadrado supplied a headed pass Alvaro Morata struck but deflected. Then it landed for kulusevski, who buried the strike into the back of the Roma net. Just like that, Juventus were level than in the 77th minute, Juventus completed the comeback as Roma collapsed another defensive error allows Mattia de sciglio with space as he rifles a strike into the top corner as Juventus took a 4–3 lead in a matter of seven minutes Roma concede three goals we have a severe problem on our hands. 3 minutes later a penalty is given to Roma with a chance to make things right De ligt given a red card. Lorenzo Pellegrini with a step, but Szczesny remarkably makes the save, and Lorenzo Pellegrini failed to follow up has a tremendous opportunity squandered. Lorenzo Pellegrini was the entire reason Roma had the lead, to begin with; even though he should have capitalized, you cannot put this on him; he was dominating the Midfield; he just came short; the reason Roma choked was because of the defense. Juventus would hold on to pull off an incredible victory coming from 3–1 down as Roma threw their lead away in 7 minutes in what turned out to be one of the most exciting and dramatic matches of the season where 7 Minutes in Hell wrecked all the work they had done to build the lead as Juventus come back and beat Roma at the Stadio Olimpico with the entire stadium in shock and agony.

It isn’t easy to find the words to digest what we just witnessed at the Stadio Olimpico tonight. From an entertainment standpoint, this was arguably one of the best matches of the season; if not the best, we saw an absolute battle for 90 minutes, a seven-goal thriller, a red card, a missed penalty, everything that happened tonight was just hard to believe. For roughly 70 minutes, Roma was playing some of their best football of the season. Tammy Abraham scores again, proving to be the best English striker this season, with 14 goals. Lorenzo Pellegrini doesn’t mind his creativity and dominance in the Midfield. He certainly is back to his best showing with his performance throughout, not to mention his insane free-kick. Going into this game, I had serious doubts whether or not Roma would have a chance considering the suspension to Rick karsdorp Gianluca Mancini; it was hard to imagine a world in which Roma could realistically break down Juventus, but they did, and they let it all slip through their fingers. Changes are needed; it is easy to say that Mourinho is the problem, but it is hitting it deep within. So many players in this day that need to be changed; we cannot simply rely on only Tammy Abraham and Lorenzo Pellegrini week in and week out. Those are two exceptional players, especially Lorenzo Pellegrini, who I believe is a top-three midfielder in the world this season. They did so well to build the lead, and for a brief moment, it felt like Roma had a chance until they threw it away in 7 minutes. Lacking mental strength, inability to hold on as an unknown desirable disaster Unleashed at the Stadio Olimpico. How could they allow this to happen? They outplayed Juventus get allowed them back into the game and eventually into the lead. Roma has outplayed Juventus and their last four games; something needs to change at this football club because this is a mess. We should not kill Lorenzo Pellegrini for missing the penalty; he was the entire reason run over in front, to begin with. What I said and pregame was very simple Roma cannot win this game if they make mistakes and put rui Patricio into a vulnerable position, and that’s precisely what they did ultimately; as much as it breaks my heart, Roma got what they deserved Roma cannot keep putting rui Patricio into certain situations like this there are no words that can capture that dysfunction the game was sitting there for them. I threw it away in 7 minutes. I have no words.



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