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Serie A 2021/2022 Team of the Season #1480


Goalkeeper; Rui Patricio, Roma

With all due respect to Mike Mannion and the job has done at AC Milan, helping them secure the title, this one isn’t particularly close. Rui Patricio wasn’t only the best goalkeeper in Serie A last season; he was one of the best players. There’s a legitimate argument that he was player of the season; even though I ended up going in a different direction, it is a legitimate conversation. Over the last three years, Roma has had erratic performances in goal with Lopez, Olson, and Antonio Mirante. It has stood in the way of them from achieving their objectives; the acquisition of Rui Patricio changed everything. He is everything that Roma needed in a goalkeeper. He finished top of the league and clean sheets and very near the top and saves this season. Incredible reflexes have come up big in moments for Roma this season; without his impact on the team, Roma probably does not have the season they had. Roma’s defense struggled at the start of the season. Rui kept them involved even though the defensive structure improved immensely during the closing stretches of the season; he had complete influence over this team. Mike Manion has better protection from his back line, making what he did this season less impressive. This isn’t to knock the Roma defense in any way because they’ve been quality this season, but collectively in comparison to the two back lines, AC Milan has arguably the best defense in the league; not only that the communication between rui Patricio is much more simplistic than in the last couple years he’s able to communicate with his backline speaking the same language and also has just been a leader he brought experience and the winning mentality would end up with Roma winning a trophy coming up huge especially in that European final.

Right-back/ wingback; Ivan perisic, Inter Milan

Ivan perisic is set to join Spurs after the season in what will be a massive coup for Antonio Conte. Although he might be a player that isn’t what he once was, his impeccable standards were influential in this Inter Milan team. While he doesn’t have the same level of explosion or athleticism, he contributed to both facets of this Inter team in the attacking and defensive area. Ivan perisic was a lethal goal scorer for Inter Milan this season, especially in the big moments and essential games. Some of the goals he scored from outside the box were just incredible; he always found a way to Galvanize his team in critical moments; his experience and winning at the top certainly played a role in Inter Milan’s success this season, especially in the Coppa Italia. Even though they are still short of their ultimate goal, what he provided in the attacking sequence while also providing enough defensive intelligence is one of the standouts of this Inter Milan team. They do have coverage with Denzel Dumfries and Matteo darmian for next season; this one was another no-brainer as we will miss him in Italy next season, but this last campaign was a special one for the Croatian.

Center-back; Gleison Bremer “The Bulldozer”, Torino

Bremer is one of the most physically dangering center backs in Italian football. He is a menace to deal with, especially as an attacker. While he doesn’t possess the quickness and may not have the agility of some of the other defenders in this league, what he provides is power and brute strength. He calculates his moves very precise story reads the game very well notes how to position himself cause the most challenging circumstances for opposing attackers. Last season Torino nearly spaced relegation; this is an incredibly average squad from top to bottom. Andrea Belotti went through one of his worst ever seasons in the top flight with less than 10 goals. Even though there’s some quality to certain respect in this team, they are incredibly average; just looking at the squad, there’s not much to take from it. Torino finished in the top 10 this season despite all their deficiencies. We all know Ivan juric, who’s one of the best managers this season with the job he did; however, Bremer the bulldozer was so impactful defensively, especially in big games, they were able to grab points and very closely contested matches largely because of the overall capacity he displayed in the defensive areas. A physically imposing Defender like him is very complex to deal with a matchup nightmare; considering how their season went and how he performed regularly, it’s hard to overlook what he did in doing so. Milan skriniar, who had a tremendous season; misses out on the team of the season; that speaks to the quality of the campaign that he had.

Centre-back; Fikayo Tomori; AC Milan

The continued performance of The English Center back has proven to be one of the critical components to AC Milan winning the title this season. He has natural defensive ability and awareness, being an absolute rock at the back for AC Milan. Arguably their player of the season, he continues to grow and become already one of the best defenders in the league. He had been a high volume of consistency. AC Milan is challenging to score against, given his influence in the defensive area for this team. It has made the responsibilities of his goalkeeper much less stressful. He has various versatility and has become the best defender in the league overnight. This evening he’s only taking it up a level from the growth from last year. He is quick and agile despite being a small frame. He is very physical with those that brooches areas and can occasionally come up in attacking areas. His mentality is to shut off a side of the field, as he has done this repeatedly this season, but you can put him in so many different situations, and he’ll find a way to get the upper hand regardless of up against. He did a brilliant job against Martinez in the games against Inter and put the shackles on vladovic early in the season against Fiorentina; he’s very difficult to figure out the only attacker in the league that has had regular success against him is Ciro immobile outside of him he has shut down mutually every top attacker in Italy.

Left back; Theo Hernandez, AC Milan

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Theo Hernandez has well and truly in one of the best acquisitions AC Milan has made to take them to the level they have reached this season. His skills, especially in the attacking constellation, are insane. I have described him as a weapon, especially when taking the ball forward. Not only is he gifted, but he is smart about when he pushes into that second gear. The thing so difficult about him is that he terrorizes that flank, especially in counterattacking situations. On top of that, he can also cut inside, enjoying the Midfield buildup during a counterattack when AC Milan is pushing; there is something extraordinarily special about him. While there are some things I don’t particularly appreciate from the personality standpoint, with him constantly complaining about everything from the football point of view, he is as dangerous going forward as practically any player at his position in World football. He may not have reached the levels of Trent Alexander Arnold, but if you remove him from the equation, I’m not sure there’s a player out there that is more dangerous in these types of situations. However, he was a defensive liability during his first Serie A season. I could not in good conscience put him in the team of the season for that very reason. I had to give the nod DiLorenzo That season because his defensive weakness would become a liability. It used to be a severe problem; that’s why this campaign has been his best; you can throw the numbers at me, but the reason I’m so impressed with his play this campaign is for something entirely different. Admittedly his brother Lucas Hernandez is probably a little better, and he is not a shutdown Defender; he’s not going to take you out of the game if you’re attacking his side of the field, and as an opposition player, that is the side you attack Alessandro florenzi provides a better defensive vibe in that back line. However, the big game-changer of this season is he’s not a liability his defensive ability is not putting AC Milan in vulnerable situations the way it used to. He still has plenty to work on in that aspect but at the same time combining his defensive improvement with his attacking skill makes him one of the most Unstoppable players in the league.



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