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Serie A Madness and continued Bayern Reign of Terror #1451

Salernitana Flirting with Improbable Escape

Some incredible Intrigue and drama continue to take place at the bottom of the table in Serie A. None of the three teams currently sitting there is a done deal for relegation. Venezia, Genoa, and Salernitana are on the outside looking in as we approach the season’s conclusion in Italy. Genoa has been near the bottom-most of the season, but I think the majority of us gave them a decent chance to survive throughout this campaign just based on the fact that they have been in the Top Flight a long time and have been in this situation before. Genoa, the last three or four seasons could have been relegated, and it always finds a way to escape. Meanwhile, Venezia has had a very interesting season; they’ve gone up and down the table like crazy this season. They were at high up as 11th and the table at one point, and now they’re at the very bottom of the table. However, even though both of those teams I’ve gone through some stuff this season, we still have much to be decided. Meanwhile, Salernitana is on the verge of pulling off the great Escape. If they were to stay up this season, it would be one of the most improbable survivals in league history. Potentially challenging Crotone roughly five years ago spent 75% of the season at the bottom of the table, put together an unbeaten run that dragged them out of it, then beat Lazio on the last day of the season to stay up. It’s unclear whether or not surviving the season Salernitana would eclipse that, but it would come darn close. Salernitana returned to Italian football for the first time in over a hundred years. Their return to the Top Flight did not go according to planned. For the majority of this season, they have been ripped apart limb by limb, proving not to have the quality to stay up this season. They have been at the bottom of the table pretty much from matchday 1. However, a late surge over the last few months has seen them within a couple of points away from getting themselves out of the Drop Zone. They have to keep going and keep pushing because treacherous weeks ahead will challenge them as survival does hang in the balance. However, all of a sudden, it looks like a possibility that they could climb out and extend their stay for one more season. Next season they would likely fall on their face, but just surviving this season would be magnificent. A few weeks ago, they took on Rome at the Stadio Olimpico. I identify this as a turning point of their season. A fantastic free-kick opened the scoring in the first half. They had the lead until the 82nd minute. Roma substitute Carles Perez got the equalizer, and then Chris Smalling finished the job as Roma pulled off a come-from-behind victory. Even though they lost, they showed that they would not go down without a fight, and they were going to give everything they had. Since then, they pulled off three consecutive victories and significantly closed the gap between themselves and Cagliari. They now sit just three points from safety. A vital win against Fiorentina has now made their survival a legitimate possibility. They will have a huge test on Monday night against Atalanta, who has finally found their form and their last couple of games. If they are able to get through that one with even a point, they can control their own destiny. Salernitana on their schedule has 20th Place Valencia, 17th Place Cagliari, and newly-promoted Venezia Empoli and udinese. It’s not easy, but it is doable; if they can beat Venezia and Cagliari specifically, it gives them a huge chance. They have a game in hand, meaning if Cagliari continues to slip and they beat them, they could pull off the Escape. Empoli and udinese will be adamant, but a good result against Atalanta and wins against the teams in their poration in the table could see them pull off an escape it seemed impossible months ago.

Sandro Tonali’s Winner Now could be a defining Scudetto Moment

The title race in Italy has been one of the best we have seen in the last five years. It is the most fascinating and the most competitive title race in Europe. PSG Champions, Real Madrid soon-to-be champions, Bayern Munich champions last week, and Manchester City and Liverpool are fighting the last couple of games to see who will win in England. For most of the season, Italy is the only team in the top five leagues that had a title race involving more than two teams. This season in Italy, Napoli, Inter Milan, and AC Milan have been fighting for the league title from the start of the season. Napoli has tapered off now; last week’s Stephan El Shaarawy 90th minute equalizer derailed Napoli’s chance to win it, and then this weekend, Empoli came from a two-goal deficit to beat Napoli. Napoli actually could slip it down to Fourth to season if they are arent careful. Napoli will probably not be in a title race anytime soon; this was their last shot, and following next season Roma will overtake them as a Champions League regular. However, this put a lot of attention and pressure on the Milan teams. AC Milan has been sitting at the top of the table for quite a while. It has been a narrow margin at the top, and before this week, it wasn’t in their hands. Inter Milan had a game in hand; a victory for Inter Milan against Bologna would see them at the top of the table. Based on both teams’ schedules, AC Milan has a much more difficult one; it was reasonable to believe that if Inter Milan won their game in hand, they would take the League for a second consecutive season. Anything can happen, especially in Italian football, but you know what? There was just kind of a sense that all the momentum was with Inter Milan during these last couple of games. If you look at the ammo that AC Milan was going to have to go through during the closing stretch of the season, it was somewhat a feeling that they would drop one of these games. Meanwhile, Inter Milan had a red carpet rolled out for them, granted beating Bologna. Before that match Wednesday. AC Milan found a title-defining moment against Lazio. AC Milan came from behind to beat them, with Sandro Tonali scoring a winner in the 93rd minute, it could be looked at as a moment that defined the title race, and at the end of the season, it very well may have been the moment that AC Milan won the title. However, all of that is irrelevant if Inter Milan does their job. After they handled Jose Mourinho’s Roma, a team that had not lost in the League in 11 games, even away from home, it seems unlikely any of those teams would be able to take points off of inter Roma is better than the rest of the teams on their schedule. If they beat Roma, they could win out and take the title. Ivan perisic carved open bologna minutes into that match; the thought was, here we go, Inter Milan will go to the top of the table and show that they’re not going to be stopped. However, Marko Arnautović, off a Barrow cross, got the equalizer for Bologna. Inter Milan didn’t look the same they had to deliver; there wasn’t an alternative about it; a draw would still keep AC Milan at the top of the table. With less than 10 minutes to go back up, goalkeeper Radu had a howler allowing Sansone to stick out his foot into an open net bologna goes on to win, flipping the title race on its head. Inter Milan loses their game in hand. AC Milan remains on the top of the table, and timing is everything as it lines up for AC Milan. Fiorentina was firing on all cylinders until they conceded six goals in their last two games; that matchup now looks a little less intimidating for AC Milan. Atalanta is not the team they were last season and is very winnable if you look at the remaining games they have in their schedule. Sassuolo away looks like the only game that could get them. All of a sudden, now the pressure’s on AC Milan to see out this season and win the league title; that Sandro tonali goal now could mean everything it’s not done yet; the pressure is on both of them now Inter Milan Cannot drop a single point, and AC Milan needs to be at their best to stay on top of this it will be a battle to the end between the bitter rivals from Milan, but now all the momentum is with the red and white as a title birth is on the line between the both of them.

Bayern are Champions Again Greatest Dynasty In Modern Football

Bayern Munich continues to hold a reign of terror over German Football. The Champions League Adventure didn’t go according to plan as they were sent home by Villarreal. Nothing short of a Champions League disaster. They certainly have the means to fix it as the problem is quite clear. However, their total control over German Football has been something to see. The best-run football club in the world. They’ve handled their business over this stretch has been truly incredible. Many key players among the squad went to Bayern Munich for a very low cost. They continue to negotiate these types of deals being able to sign top-class players with a minimal amount of money being spent. Robert Lewandowski, Leon goretzka, and Upamecano all came on three Deals. Along with all the incredible players that they have gotten for very cheap. This wasn’t the easiest Bundesliga season for them, but they did get there in the end. Julian nagelsmann comes returns to his hometown club and delivers them another league title, just adding to the history. Next season, the team will probably be more equipped to go on and win the Champions League; it didn’t happen this season, but the impact he has had on this Bayern Munich team in his first season has been quite impressive. One day soon, he will be the best manager in the world, certainly the best up-and-coming manager in World football; it’s only a matter of time before he takes the next step. They’re certainly things that they can improve on to get better, and it wasn’t a perfect season, but he has still done a very productive job. Joining Bayern and delivering them to the title and clinching the title against Dortmund is incredibly special. The Champions League’s success will come in due time. Julian nagelsmann and Bayern Munich as a whole know what they need to do to take the next step. However, the Run they have gone on over the last decade is arguably the most antagonizing Dynasty in European football, at least in this era. Olympique Lyon and Juventus 7 and 9 titles respectively, even the Run Manchester city has been on has been wildly impressive, but in this decade, Bayern has won 10 titles, gone to three Champions League finals winning two of them. Not to mention the level of control that they’ve had on the rest of German Football. It hasn’t always been easy; it’s been increasingly difficult at times; there were a few seasons where it looked like Bayern just didn’t have what it took, but when the pressure came into the middle of the table, they were able to thrive under those circumstances and maintain their place on the top of German Football. It is now up to RB Leipzig and Dortmund to build a team to take them down, but it’s easier said than done; this team will get even better next season




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