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An Open Letter to The Chef at My Favorite Jamaican Restaurant Who Never Wants to Serve Me Food

All I want is one beef patty, just one!

[Image Via 605 Magazine]

Dear Ms. Powell, Jamaican Restaurant Proprietor/Chef,

Your food is so flavourful, desirable, and well cooked. I need it so bad! Ms. Powell, you are no doubt a talented and incredible chef. Those who you serve must be truly deserving of your…



The Foreigner Blog explores the comedic side of being an immigrant, children of immigrants, and diaspora. Our experiences are often clouded in dark and painful realities, but here we find the light and the levity. Welcome!

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Bongani Jeranyama

Bongani Jeranyama is a stand-up comedian, writer, performer, and the bad boy of satire. You can follow him on Twitter/IG/TikTok: @bonganimadethis