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Studies Show Hot Girl Summer Actually Not A Thing for Children of Strict Immigrant Parents

Picture by Kindel Media via Pexels

Back in 2019 Megan Thee Stallion coined the term “Hot Girl Summer” as a way to express turning up with your friends and living your best life, but it appears the phrase does not apply to people with strict immigrant parents.

When Group 1 (those with American parents) was studied in comparison to Group 2 (a group…




The Foreigner Blog explores the comedic side of being an immigrant, children of immigrants, and diaspora. Our experiences are often clouded in dark and painful realities, but here we find the light and the levity. Welcome!

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Arijana Ramic

Arijana Ramic

Arijana Ramic is a Seattle based standup comedian. You can find her musings on twitter (@arijanaramic) and short videos on the Aisha and Arijana FB page.

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