Are Super teams ruining the NBA?

Draymond Green (Left) Stephen Curry (Middle Left) Klay Thompson (Middle Right) Kevin Durant (Right)

I’m a Cavaliers fans from Ohio so I love seeing Lebron and the Cavaliers in the finals year after year but honestly the super teams are taking over the league. It isn’t fair for teams who built there team through the draft and didn’t go 73–9 and then sign a top 5 player in the league. So you guys don’t get mad at me I guess I have to bring up how the Cavaliers signed the best player in the league then traded for an arguably top 25 player.

James Harden (Left) Kevin Durant (Middle) Russell Westbrook (Right)

Another team that was called a super team was the 2011 OKC Thunder. But they built there team through the draft. They drafted KD, Russ and Harden. 2012 Miami Heat is a super team because they signed Chris Bosh and Lebron James to pair up with Dwyane Wade. I hate super teams and hope the NBA does something to fix it here soon.

Chris Paul (Left) Deandre Jordan (Middle) Blake Griffin (Right)

Another team brought up to be a super team is the current day Clippers. I don’t think this team is a super team even though they have 3 all star caliber players. They traded for Chris Paul before they were even a good team and then drafted Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan. But still haven’t made it out of the 2nd round.

Adam Silver (Middle)

I get it how teams want to make a championship run by stacking there team with All-Star caliber players. But I wish the NBA could make a rule to try and stop NBA teams from creating super teams. The rule would have to be something about free agency. Like maybe letting players sign longer contracts maybe like 7–10 year contract. Also loyalty to a team should be a bigger deal. Players should be awarded for sticking with the team that drafted them. Unless they get traded.

Now I’m not saying completely get rid of Free Agency but I would want the NBA to do something about that.

Derrick Rose (Left) Kevin Durant (Middle) Dwyane Wade (Right)