“I Don’t wanna be here”

On 10/22/17 Eric Bledsoe tweeted “I Don’t wanna be here”, he made up a lie and said he was at his wife’s hair salon. I and the rest of the basketball world find that hard to believe as he asked for a trade in the offseason as well. Since that tweet, Bledsoe hasn’t dressed for a game with Suns. Today I am going to take a few teams that realistically have a shot at getting Bledsoe and come up with some trade offers.

Dark Horse: Orlando Magic, haven’t had a winning season since the 2012–2013 lockout season. With a double-double king at Center, Bledsoe would be perfect. They have nice young pieces to bring him in without giving up to much.

Magic would throw in a 2019 Lottery Protected 1st round pick
Magic would add there 2018 1st round pick

Dark Horse: San Antonio Spurs, Almost every team in the Western Conference added another good player to the roster but the Spurs. They basically have the same roster from last year and time to switch things up a little bit and try to give Manu one more ring before retirement.

Spurs would throw in 2018 1st round pick
Spurs would add a 2nd round pick (Popovich wouldn’t let them trade Tony)

Dark Horse: Detroit Pistons, Should just dive straight into the war and start up the tank. Things haven’t been working out for the Pistons in the past few years. They haven’t had playoff success or draft success and should take the advantage of Bledsoe on the block.

Suns throw in a 2019 1st Lottery Protected
Pistons add a 2020 1st round pick

In the middle: Cleveland Cavaliers, with Isaiah Thomas out until All-Star Break, Eric Bledsoe would be the starter over Derrick Rose. Lebron and Bledsoe have a connection, Lebron has stated multiple times in the past that he looks at Bledsoe as a little brother.

Cavaliers would throw in 2019 2nd round pick
Cavaliers would add the 2018 Nets 1st round pick

In the middle: New York Knicks, Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony left them and they’re stuck with Porzingis by himself. If they bring in Bledsoe and forget the whole tanking situation, I believe Bledsoe could possibly attract Lebron next year.

Knicks throw in 2019 2nd round pick
Knicks add a 2019 1st round pick

In the middle: Charlotte Hornets, after adding Dwight and Monk the Hornets are looking good this season but what if they wanted to switch it all up and trade Kemba for Bledsoe. They’ve had Kemba since 2011 and what has he done?…That’s what I thought.

Suns throw in 2020 1st round pick Top 5 protected
Hornets add 2019 1st

Elite Contender: Los Angeles Clippers, Deandre Jordan has been trying his hardest to bring Bledsoe back to the Clippers, Posting pictures on instagram and tweeting. With Milos Teodosic going down with an injury this is perfect timing for Bledsoe to step in.

Clippers throw in 2018 1st round pick ( Doc may not let them trade Austin)
No picks

Elite Contender: Milwaukee Bucks, They have Giannis but that isn’t enough to beat Lebron in the East. Malcom Brogdon the 2017 Rookie of the Year has been in trade talks with not just Eric Bledsoe but other stars. Bledsoe and Giannis would thrive together.

No picks
Bucks add a 2021 1st

Elite Contender: Denver Nuggets, They tried grabbing Bledsoe in the offseason but the Suns backed out of the deal last minute. But it is looking like the Nuggets are the #1 team in the Bledsoe race AGAIN. Jokic, Millsap, Bledsoe and, (Young Players Galore) would be so nice.

Nuggets add 2019 1st Top 5 Protected
Nuggets add 2020 2nd, 2021 2nd

Thank you guys for staying tuned. If one of these trades is 100% correct give me props in the comments down below.