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How Diverse Groups of Youth and Adults Collaboratively Develop Identity Safety in a Community Setting: RESEARCH

Photo of youth participants and mentors from Y-WE Create 2019.
  • Program developers may want to incorporate activities that facilitate youth identity exploration and the roles they enact in their social environments.
  • When adult mentors participate in creative risk-taking activities alongside youth, they can share differing life perspectives across the age spectrum. This gives youth the opportunity to define their own values with mentors and build their sense of self-worth.
  • Offer youth additional support through one-on-one meetings and a quiet place for reflection. Acknowledging individual needs may help youth to meet the challenges of adolescence by providing supports that contribute to their personal growth.

What is the concept of identity-safety? Why is it important?

How do youth and adults cultivate identity-safety at Y-WE Create?

What do you think were the most surprising findings of this study?

What do you hope program developers take away from the findings of this study?



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