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Meet the Intern Who Flips in the Air and Dives Under the Sea

Foundry10 intern Amirah Casey’s passion for Marine Science is as strong as her talent for cheerleading.

Amirah Casey

Describe your experience so far as a foundry10 intern. What are you learning?

I have never worked for such a unique and progressive organization. Collaborating with other interns and getting to be creative is a really fun aspect of the internship that I was not expecting. I recently created a really cool slide deck about ocean sensors with another intern that I am very proud of. I have never been very confident in my creative ability but this internship has really inspired me!

What is one thing you think most people would be surprised to learn about you?

I am working really hard to become bilingual. I am minoring in Spanish and hope to someday work in the marine science field in a Spanish speaking country! I have a passion for the language and cultures surrounding it. As one of my projects, I am cataloging/organizing Spanish marine science curriculum, so it is great preparation for my future.

What is your favorite marine science fact?

My favorite marine science fact comes with a story. Once when I was diving in Hawaii, our dive master told us a story about one of his experiences in Fakarava. He was diving with hundreds of sharks when he cut his hand on some coral and began to bleed. He thought he was soon to be shark bait, but the sharks didn’t respond. This was when he learned about the myth surrounding human blood and sharks!

How long have you been cheerleading? What do you like most about the sport?

It really all started on the soccer field. I taught myself a front and back walkover before even joining cheer, and I would get in trouble because I was tumbling during games when I was supposed to be on defense. My coach finally said that I clearly had a new passion. After playing soccer all my life, I joined an All-Star team in middle school. I did competitive cheer until my Sophomore year of high school when I joined the Varsity cheer team for school. Since then I have been cheering for Western Washington University. I like stunting and tumbling the most. I love throwing my teammates around and occasionally flying as well. Tumbling has always been really important to me because it is what got me hooked on cheer. There is no better feeling than flipping around in the air!

What are you currently reading/watching/playing?

I am currently reading “What You Should Know About Sharks” by Ocean Ramsey. Ocean Ramsey is my favorite marine biologist. She dives with sharks and is a huge advocate for #SaveTheSharks and all other ocean related issues. My favorite picture of her is one where she is diving with a Great White, Lucy. She encourages people to have respect for the apex predator while also letting go of the unhealthy image and fear that Hollywood and media have created around them. Afterall, sharks only kill approximately less than 10 people annually, while humans kill around 11,000 every hour.



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