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The Future is Analog: Tabletop Roleplaying for Learning

Research shows that TTRP might hold significant value for youth social and emotional development. Here’s why.

Graphic: John Roque
  1. Psychology and Role-Playing Games
  2. Reality is broken: Why games make us better and how they can change the world
  3. Needs Met Through Role-Playing Games: A Fantasy Theme Analysis of Dungeons & Dragons
  4. Imaginative Role-Playing as a Medium for Moral Development: Dungeons & Dragons Provides Moral Training
  5. Three Different Paths for Tabletop Gaming in School Libraries
  1. Our partnership with the Seattle non-profit Game to Grow, which uses D&D (among other games) for therapeutic, educational, and community growth.
  2. A TTRPG we co-designed with the Marine Science team, ocean professionals, and the folks at Aspiring Youth, with the unofficial working title Penguins off the Port Bow that puts youth in the positions of marine scientists to build career and STEM interest.

Game to Grow

Penguins off the Port Bow

Some of the 8 available fields of expertise are:

Marine Archaeology Knowledge


Sonar Mapping

Going Forward



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