Taking that time out to calibrate your approach instead of doing the same shit and blame the environment

Today I broke through a sticky point in my life. I had a sticking point and I realized I was the person holding myself back. Due to my vibe and my looks, I can easily have several Green lights in a night where the set is hooked right off the bat. However, most girls don’t go out by themselves, thus they will usually have a friend with them. Despite the fact that I can hook her, usually within 30 seconds — 1 min of the interaction, her friend will transform into a cock block and blow me out of the set. Yesterday night it happened at least twice and this wasn’t a sticky point when I was in Vancouver, because back in Vancouver, when I was partying with my boys, I usually have a wing man to come in and wing the other girl. Me, being a team oriented person, have been actively trying to find good wing man to help me just hold the other girl for maybe 5 mins so I can buy more time to build a connection to allow me to push the interaction forward.

How naive of me…….

For the past 6 months, I had plateaued in 2 sets because I was kept on getting the same thing because all the wing men that I meet, will not come in and Wing me. And I have been left in the dusk and I thought trying to find more and more wingmen to go out with is the solution, it is not……… It is basically me saying I am going to rely on my 2 set hooking game on my wing man holding the cock block or not, and for the past 6 months, I was getting close to No Help!.

Therefore today, after 2 failed 2 sets like that, I needed to stop this. I walked out of the club and wanted to have a cool head for 5 mins to think of a solution. And I realized, I relied on people too much and IF I WANT THINGS DONE, GOTTA DO IT MYSELF!

I went back in, not too sure if the universe is trying to give me a lesson, I was given a 2 set of Israel girl to game. This time, I focus on gaming the cock block way more in the interaction and let the other girl just eave dropped in the conversation, and it worked like a charm. Eventually, I shift the interaction towards more on the girl who is into me and I was able to run my 1 on 1 game on her. Everything worked well, the vibe was in the air and she was comfortable for me to do anything. I eventually led her outside and isolated and at that moment, she was pretty much on my plate. Eventho I didn’t close because she really wasn’t my type but I felt I broke through a huge barrier.

Key take aways:

  1. Never leave your successes to chances
  2. Stop doing the same thing over and over and over again! Change it up and see if you can get a different result
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