6 startups named CES 2020 Climate Change Innovators

Awards highlight the leadership and innovation of consumer tech startups in combating climate change

As the next generation of entrepreneurs and startups, Eureka Park is the buzzworthy startup arena at CES (January 7–10, 2020 Las Vegas) that provides an opportunity to launch a new product, service or idea. Eureka Park exhibitors are uniquely positioned to combat climate change by using cutting-edge Fourth Wave innovations to reduce the environmental impact of traditional business practices.

The winners of the third-annual CES Eureka Park Climate Change Innovators contest were announced this month, recognizing emerging innovations that help improve the environment and the lives of consumers. The contest was launched at CES 2018 to highlight technology’s ability to combat climate by cutting worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.

CES 2020 Eureka park Climate Change Innovators

ST Engineering Innosparks’ Airbitat Compact Cooler is the world’s coldest portable evaporative cooler that brings deep cooling to compact spaces and is 50% more effective in delivering cool air versus conventional coolers. Exhibiting at booth #52502

SUNLEAVS enables groups of consumers to share common solar energy production facilities and the electricity produced among them. Exhibiting at booth #50215

RideSVP’s Green Carpool Network connects drivers and passengers to carpool on city-to-city trips in an affordable, social and green way. Exhibiting at booth #53553.

Green Systems Automotives developed an innovative, connected and integrated Flexfuel conversion device designed and engineered for powered two-wheelers that drastically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Exhibiting at booth #50017.

Omniply Technologies’ Mekal is a unique solution to manufacturing high-performance and high-resolution electronics, such as displays, using traditional micro/nano-fabrication methods in a flexible form factor. Exhibiting at booth #52513

Edgehog’sEdgehog’s solar panels, with an ultra-transmissive cover glass, address local power generation needs from IoT sensors to roof-top solar panels with on average 15% higher output. Exhibiting at booth #52518.

“Innovation is one of the most valuable assets we have in our efforts to combat climate change,” said Walter Alcorn, vice president of environmental affairs and industry sustainability, Consumer Technology Association (which produces CES). “These innovators show how our industry is creating new opportunities and improving existing efforts across the world to reduce our impact on the environment. From sustainable ridesharing options to more efficient cooling systems for city dwellers, this year’s winners reflect our industry’s commitment to protecting the planet for generations to come.”Consumer Technology Association recently released its 2019 Industry Report on GHG Emissions tracking consumer tech companies’ progress and efforts to reduce GHG emissions. The report details how the industry is growing its commitment to emission reductions while still delivering the life-changing innovations consumers demand.

The Fourth Wave

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The Fourth Wave

Environmental progress doesn't just happen. It's been propelled by successive waves of innovation, each unleashing powerful new tools: Land conservation. Force of Law. Power of Market-Based Solutions. Today we are seeing the emergence of a Fourth Wave of environmental innovation.

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