WATCH: Is virtual reality an empathy machine?

Watch a conversation between Isabel Mogstad and Erik Horn

The “Methane CH4llenge” simulation, which was informed by peer-reviewed science and developed in collaboration with oil and gas experts, takes users into a digitally-simulated wellsite to show the ease and efficiency of controlling key sources of methane emissions, an increasingly important challenge for the oil and gas industry. The Methane CH4llenge VR is the latest example of EDF’s unique approach in working with businesses to find practical solutions to urgent environmental problems. Working with FLIR Systems, Inc., SENSIT Technologies and Rebellion Photonics, EDF experts and Fair Worlds spent more than 1,000 hours designing and developing the simulated wellsite, and conducting extensive fieldwork to ensure accurate depictions of methane plumes.

Got 3 min? Watch the short version of Isabel and Erik’s conversation below.

Intrigued and want to hear more? Watch the 8 min version of Isabel and Erik’s conversation below.

To experience the methane simulation, registration for the World Gas Conference exhibition in Washington, DC June 26–29 is required (and free of charge):

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