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Bridging the Treacherous Gap in Engineering

Tangram Flex is excited to kick off a multi-part series about bridging the treacherous gap in engineering.

In the first post of this series, Vice President of Product Management at Tangram Flex, Mark Stadtmueller (, shares his insights about the challenges encountered in today’s software-heavy environment surrounding complex, mission-critical systems. Mark is a successful product leader with experience that spans venture-backed startups through global multinational corporations. Mark’s career has been focused on driving markets and engaging strategically with customers to launch targeted solutions to meet growing needs.

Illustration of a bridge over fiery abyss separating model based system engineering and software engineering platforms

Chief Engineers building mission-critical systems know their challenges well. And through significant effort, sometimes heroic, they meet the call and deliver. But this does not mean they are well equipped with effective tools.

The reality is that standing in the face of safe, secure, and efficient mission-critical systems development is a treacherous gap between necessary Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approaches to mission-critical system design and modern software development DevSecOps pipelines needed to meet today’s speed of relevance demands.

Illustration of the gap between MBSE and DevSec Ops for a mission-critical system

What is needed to bridge the gap?

Chief Engineers and their teams of Systems Engineers and Software Developers know what is required to traverse the treacherous gap.

  • Tight linkages for Systems Engineering to flow through to Software Development.
  • Automatic code generation of Component Software Interfaces selectable and compliant to a growing list of standards.
  • Streamlined Transformation and Interface Translation Capability.
  • Provably correct software for rapid integration with confidence.
  • Variation Management and Streamlined CI/CD, DevSecOps pipeline integration.

A need without a name is not a need.

But, this market need has not yet been named. It has never been clearly articulated. It has never been fully defined. We will do that here. Specifically, the above solutions above comprise a Component Software Integration Platform (CSIP). A CSIP is leveraged by all engineers building, modifying, and upgrading mission-critical systems to bridge the treacherous gap between systems engineering and software development.

Illustration of system and software engineers using the same platform to make updates to a mission-critical system

People building mission-critical systems face significant hurdles. But, by identifying the treacherous gap, the requirements to traverse that treacherous gap, and naming the CSIP capability that addresses that challenge, they can deliver mission-critical systems at the speed of relevance and rapidly integrating new capability with confidence.

At Tangram Flex, we’ve taken all our learnings and experience from successful performance on DoD programs performing research, prototyping, and advisory services to build a Component Software Integration Platform (CSIP) we call Tangram Pro™. Tangram Pro™ is bridging the gap between System Engineering and Software Development with a practical engineering workspace for programs and engineers to use for assured component deployment into mission-critical systems.

Continue this series by viewing Every Mission Deserves Access to Innovation by Matt Farrell.

Tangram Flex simplifies software integration for mission-critical defense systems. Every system is unique, but the mission is clear: the people on the ground need dependable, adaptable equipment to get the job done. At Tangram Flex, we understand the challenges of security, speed, and safety. Our team combines engineering expertise with our Component Software Integration Platform (CSIP) product, Tangram Pro™, to arm engineers with customized toolkits for meeting mission needs.

Tangram Flex is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. Our staff has experience from DoD, Fortune 500 companies, and innovative software startups. We are dedicated to walking alongside our customers to keep pace with changes in technology. Get in touch:



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