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Tangram Flex announces cyber protection capabilities for defense systems

DAYTON, OH — Tangram Flex, Inc., provider of software integration tools and solutions for modernizing complex systems and closing gaps in engineering lifecycles, announces new product capabilities for securing communications between defense systems.

In a recently completed program, Tangram Flex engineers used the company’s component software integration platform (CSIP), Tangram Pro™, as part of developing a cyber protection system for securing communication routes between defense systems without requiring changes to any of the systems or their components, saving time and money while reducing risk in data transfer.

In a new application of Tangram Pro’s component design workspace and code generation tools, the CSIP is used to create secure proxies and protect the interfaces that send and receive data between systems from cyber vulnerabilities.

“For the Air Force, protecting new and legacy systems from cyber-attacks is crucial in maintaining warfare dominance over our adversaries,” said the customer for this effort. “In a recent effort focused on cyber resiliency, Tangram Flex, using its Tangram Pro™ Component Software Integration Platform (CSIP) capabilities, proved that protecting system interfaces can be done effectively without requiring any system or component modifications. Through this CSIP capability, there is an opportunity to understand system vulnerabilities and allow rapid decisions to be made to mitigate potential threats.”

This newest use case for Tangram Pro is particularly impactful for businesses and programs working to adapt to the modular open systems approach (MOSA) requirements detailed in the FY 2021 NDAA, which will require interfaces to be created and documented each time a system is built or updated. The ability to generate secure software interfaces in Tangram Pro simplifies the adoption of MOSA, and guarding a systems’ existing interfaces protects its components without having to change them.

“Use of modern tools and technologies to create secure proxies and protect our systems and their components enables safety from cyber attacks and creates faster, cost-effective protection without having to change the systems themselves,” said Eric Zwirner, senior engineer at Tangram Flex.

With growing adoption of MOSA, defense programs are open to explore new vendors and cutting-edge technologies. Tangram Pro is a proven tool for integrating existing and new technology systems with high levels of confidence and safety from vulnerabilities.

Tangram Flex simplifies software integration for mission-critical defense systems. Every system is unique, but the mission is clear: the people on the ground need dependable, adaptable equipment to get the job done. At Tangram Flex, we understand the challenges of security, speed, and safety. Our team combines engineering expertise with our Component Software Integration Platform (CSIP), Tangram Pro™, to arm engineers with customized toolkits for meeting mission needs.

Tangram Flex has experience from DoD, Fortune 50 companies, and innovative software startups. We are dedicated to walking alongside our customers to keep pace with changes in technology. For press inquiries, contact Liz Grauel:



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