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Tangram Flex: From Research to Development

The world requires correct system capabilities, now. Tangram Flex builds tools for faster, safer development of software-driven systems with technology grown from decades of experience.

Rooted in research

Tangram Flex is a spinout of a world-class research and development company, Galois Inc. Galois develops technology to guarantee the trustworthiness of systems where failure is unacceptable.

Galois’ R&D and demonstrations on the DARPA High-Assurance Cyber Military Systems (HACMS) program lead to the idea which became Tangram Flex. The HACMS program focused on protecting military systems from cyber threats. Galois researchers created cyber-hardening technology that secured a prototype unmanned aircraft from cyber attack. Component-based engineering was key to success in the HACMS program.

1. Hardening components of the system against cyber-attack

2. Securing the interfaces between the system’s components so that a breach of one component cannot reach any other

3. Assuring that critical components behave correctly on their own and together with other components of the system.

The combination of these principles is called cyber retrofit. Though it is the best path forward, retrofitting existing systems takes a lot of time and a lot of highly talented engineers. Galois founded Tangram Flex to answer the need for more rapid retrofit and safer system upgrades.

Not a startup, a spin out. We have a strong foundation.

We’re a spinout!

In February 2018, Galois launched Tangram Flex. Tangram Flex is a product-focused company with the mission of creating a commercial solution for cyber retrofit.

Tangram Flex’s software toolkit, Tangram Pro™, has a strong foundation from Galois’ decades of research. Tangram Pro is being built to help engineers transition to component-based engineering with tools for:

  • Modular system design
  • Rapid generation of secure software interfaces
  • Access to advanced software assurance tools
  • Output of readable, actionable evidence of cyber security and resiliency

With Tangram Pro, system capabilities are delivered faster and made more cyber secure to meet changing mission and market needs.

Graphic correlating ancient tangram puzzle with the Tangram Flex logo

What’s in a name?

Tangram Flex borrows its name from the ancient tangram puzzle. A tangram puzzle has seven pieces that form a square. Rearranging tangram pieces allows for the formation of new shapes and structures.

Each tangram piece is a component of the shape it helps build.

Existing systems are a challenge for cyber retrofit because they are rigid — changing one component has a ripple effect on the whole system. Component-based engineering emphasizes flexibility in integration.

Tangram Flex is a software company in Dayton, Ohio. Our team is a group of leaders from the DoD, private industry, and innovative startups committed to helping engineers build configurable systems for secure, rapid delivery of technology to the market. Have questions? Get in touch with our team.



The Ideas that Make us Tick at Tangram Flex

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