Tangram Flex, Inc. Awarded $95M Contract to Support Software Integration And Software Assurance Within Information Directorate of U.S. Air Force

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4 min readAug 11, 2020


Wednesday, August 11, 2020 — Dayton, Ohio — Tangram Flex, Inc. (Tangram), a small business headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, announces they have been awarded a five-year $95 million indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract with the Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) Information Directorate in Rome, New York.

The award focuses on the advancement of autonomy, manned-unmanned teaming, machine learning, interoperable systems, capability enhancement and upgrades to legacy DoD systems as well as improved data sharing. The contract is being managed by Mr. Anthony Macera of the Cyber Assurance Branch.

Over the past two years, Tangram has developed a unique and comprehensive software solution, Tangram Pro™, to enable the Department of Defense to rapidly integrate emerging technologies into military systems with increased confidence that they will work as intended. The award of this Phase 3 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract will empower the transition of Tangram Pro™ as a commercial offering.

Colonel Tim Lawrence, Director of AFRL Information Directorate noted,

“I’m very proud of the Rome Research Site team and their ability to get this critical contract awarded. Tangram and the acquisition programs they enable will support the Air Force and our nation to maintain its superior technology advantage through advanced software capabilities.”

The DoD challenge of developing secure software rapidly continues to grow as the speed of technology development, requirements for DoD system upgrades to continue to outpace adversary platforms, and complexity of systems pushes forward. Additionally, executing appropriate engineering processes and entering the integration pipeline at the right time with the right solution compounds the problem space and requires strategic interventions offered by Tangram Pro™.

Tangram Flex Founder & CTO John Launchbury states,

“Hardware engineering processes work really well for things you can see, but introducing software to the mix changes the game. Software has brought advantages to our defense systems beyond the realm of traditional mechanics, but there’s limited visibility into how it all works. Meanwhile, conventional engineering can’t handle all of the unknowns introduced with each line of code. Without the right tools, changing any element takes specialized, time-consuming work and adds risk. We need new ways to visualize and understand our mission-critical systems.”

Tangram Flex understands the challenges of security, safety, and speed. The company pairs Tangram Pro™ with engineering guidance to arm customers with powerful, customized toolkits to keep pace with changes in technology. Tangram Pro™ is a software integration product that provides users with best-of-breed tools for managing, reusing, and implementing software components in mission-critical embedded systems. Tangram engineers tailor Tangram Pro™ to provide customers with tools most appropriate for changing and reconfiguring their specific systems.

Tangram Pro™ is designed for software-centric systems engineering, which is unique from other tools in the market that tend to focus on IT and do not use modern software techniques. Customized toolkits in Tangram Pro™ extend existing engineering processes by automating interfaces between components and systems as capabilities are added and applying advanced testing tools that ensure deployed software within mission-critical systems will function as designed. The company understands the gap between hardware and software engineering and bridges it with Tangram Pro™.

The flexibility of this contract award will allow the Information Directorate, Tangram, and other collaborators to rapidly deliver solutions to meet warfighter demands in a speed-of-relevance world.

“We are very appreciative of AFRL’s dedication to getting the contract awarded while working remotely due to COVID-19. It speaks volumes to their commitment to small businesses. I’m also very proud of the amazing team we have assembled to carry this product forward,” commented Ricky Peters, the CEO of Tangram.

Tangram Flex simplifies software integration for mission-critical defense systems. Tangram Flex focuses on the challenges of security, speed, and safety. The team combines engineering expertise with their core product, Tangram Pro™, to arm customers with customized toolkits for meeting mission needs.

Tangram Flex is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. The staff has experience from DoD, Fortune 500 companies, and innovative software startups. They are dedicated to walking alongside their customers to keep pace with changes in technology. Get in touch: hello@tangramflex.com



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