the glass IS half-full!

Empty is a construct, not an actual reality.

This insight is borrowed from Ben and Roz Zander and their wonderful book The Art of Possibility, which is a must for anyone who wishes to expand their riches of possibilities.

In the book, they talk about the Dreamer — the optimist, the “glass half-full” kind of person — who is often dismissed as simplistic. All the while, the Realist — the one who focuses on the lack, the “glass half-empty” — is the responsible one who sees the world as it is.

Ben and Roz talk about constructs of fiction we use to look at the world, and how often they are only but one way of seeing things.

In their brilliant examination of “the glass conundrum”, they point out that “half-empty” is an abstraction of the mind. There is no real empty — it’s us who have the expectation of a glass being full, and anything else is considered a fault. However, “half-full” is a measure of physical reality — there is indeed liquid that fills up half of the volume of the glass.

Of course, by referring to “full”, we are also playing the same game — full being our expectation that there’s meaning in considering the entire volume of the glass. But the Zander’s intention here is that there is ACTUALLY substance there. That is an objective observation. And that is the only thing we should focus on.

I’d go a step further and suggest being a “there’s enough in the glass” kind of person, or even taking a “there’s plenty in the glass” perspective. In these cases, you are not bound to the glass as a measurement. You are focusing you attention on what is there.

It doesn’t need to be “half” at all.

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