NBA Youth Basketball Coming Soon?

The NBA has recently taken notice of how much money Little League Baseball is raking in and, it appears, will soon be dipping its own paws into the pockets of basketball parents across the country. The NBA has the status, branding, and history to turn any youth basketball event it hosts into a televised and well sponsored spectacle.

In today's society, where it is all about being in the social limelight, the NBA will no doubt do well with this venture. They know what today's families want and how to profit from it. This is all fine and dandy, but do they care at all about the kids? Is this just another way to profit off the hunger for individual notariety?

The youth basketball “World Series” is in the pipeline to be hosted in early August. The exact structure has yet to be released to the public so we will hold off on any further guessing until a later time, but we really do wonder… will this be just another notch in the belts of the elite travel teams who can afford to buy their spotlight? Or will it be structured in such a way to allow a versatile number of teams to have a genuine opportunity?

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