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I am passionate about words. I always have been.

I am also passionate about the Sun. Today the meteorologists predicted rain here. When I woke up the sun was shining, and so was I!

I love going out for a walk, holding hands, talking about everything, feeling the sun in my face…

I only get to do it on…

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I’m done with rules.

The life of a writer is full of rules. Grammar, headlines, verb conjugations — the rules are endless.

As an online content creator, I have hundreds of hours invested in reading the rules from the so-called “experts.”

Until today.

I no longer care if my headline…

Writing | Books | Chapters of a Happy Busy Life

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This brings me to Imbicta. All my book’s action happen, at least partially, in Porto, my beloved town.

Porto is also known as the Invicta. And Porto’s inhabitants have a particular accent whose main characteristic is switching V’s for B’s, hence… Imbicta!

After ending her engagement, Diana finds a forgotten diary in her newly rented house in the historical center of Porto. …

The Freedom to Write

No Gatekeepers, Just Writing

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