Optimizing Your Freelancing Business with Subcontractors

Michael Stover
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4 min readOct 17, 2022


Optimize Your Freelancing Business with Subcontractors
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Much has been written about the freelance life. In fact, most freelancers I know were initially attracted to freelancing because of the potential for more free time, flexibility, and financial growth opportunities. The sad fact is, too many freelancers don’t realize the best of the freelancing life.

How would you describe the freelancing life? I frequently read articles lamenting the freelance life because the freelancer is too busy and overwhelmed to take time off, to plan a flexible schedule, and isn’t realizing the financial potential. In short, they work too long and too hard for too little.

My Freelance Lifestyle

I’ve been a freelance writer since 2004, but really didn’t pursue a freelancing career until 2013. My former career imploded and left my family of seven jobless and homeless, depending on extended family to take us in while I started over.

Beginning in July 2014, I started looking for online writing and editing opportunities. My part-time business, Michael Stover — Freelance Writer and Editor, was formed. In 2018, I took my freelancing business full time, replacing the income I was earning in education, plus some.

Only in the last year or two have I realized the full potential of my freelancing business and how to…