Basic Best Practices for Twitter


  • Put everyone you follow into a list. Note: when you add them to a public list, they will get notification that this has occurred, so try not to name your list “people I don’t really like” and such. Alternatively, make a private list; I have a private list called “tweet 2 much.”
  • Use Twitlistmanager if you already follow a lot of people to get them organized into lists.
  • Use Hootsuite or Flipboard on your ipad, iphone, android to view tweets sorted by lists based on your interest at the moment. Use Flipboard for subject areas so you can preview articles, photos, etc with minimal clicks. You can tweet and retweet from FB.


  • Don’t follow people just because they follow you. If someone follows me and they have 20,000 people they follow, then I don’t automatically follow back. They might be trying to get more followers (for bragging rights I guess).
  • Look at the tweets from people before you follow them. See if they post anything that you are really interested. Otherwise your twitter feed will be so polluted that it will not be useful.


  • Post less than 140 characters so that people can easily retweet your content with their own comment(s). (I suggest 110 or less)
  • Use Hootsuite to schedule your posts in advance (I like the auto schedule options.)
  • Retweet only those things that you really care about.

What Twitter lists look like in Hootsuite:

What my Twitter lists look like in Flipboard.

If I then click (touch) the Como tweeters list, I see the tweets along with an excerpt of any content that has been shared in the form of photos, videos or URLS, like so:

What is really neat is that Flipboard “scrapes” the content from the various URLS, so I don’t need to exit this program to see the content. So when I click on one of the links, I see the actual article, like so:

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