Change the MAC address of a MacBook Pro

A lot of the hotels at which I stay require payment for Internet access. To determine who as paid and who has not, they filter based on the MAC address of your computer. So if you have two computers that you want to use the internet connection with, you would have to pay twice. Fortunately, there is a way around it, changing the MAC address of your second computer to that of the first. Since I am a MAC guy, here is the process that I use.

  1. Pay your fees and record the mac address of the adapter that you used to connect. (in my example c8:2A:14:45:56:66)
  2. Make sure network cable is unplugged or your airport is shutdown (which ever one you are using).
  3. Launch the Terminal Program: Applications->–>Utilities–>Terminal
  4. Set the mac address. In this example, I am setting the mac address for the wired connection.
  5. Type: sudo ifconfig en0 ether c8:2A:14:45:56:66
  6. Plug in Network Cable or turn on airport card.

That should do it. This setting will hold only until you reboot your computer through.