Getting LIfeSize Icon 600s to output PC audio to the local display.

The LifeSize Icon has two audio inputs. A 3.5MM connector that will support the first generation style of LifeSize microphone and a mini-VGA style connector that is used for connecting the digital mic pods. Soon, the ability to connect the second generation phone will also be an option (in the next week or two, hopefully). Unlike the audio inputs on the Team and Room systems, you can’t define how you want to mix the audio from the 3.5mm connector. By default, it goes to the remote site.

Icon 600 Back

However, this doesn’t always work out well in a typical conference room setting where you have a digital microphone for the participant audio and then a laptop or computer connected to the Icon and just the HDMI out from the icon up to the local display. Without an external audio processor, there is not an easy way to get the laptop audio added into the mix and played locally.

However, you can issue a command line argument that will redirect the 3.5mm input to the local display (as well as the remote site) so it can be used with a local computer. SSH to the device and issue the command:

audio setlineinmap dvi0

To set back issue the command

audio setlineinmap none

For a full list of icon commands, click here for the API (check the LifeSize web site for updates to the API).

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