Template for @LifeSizeHD 220 Backgrounds

Areas of the screen used by the 220 UI

LifeSize codecs let you upload your own custom backgrounds to the codec. It is relatively easy to do: on the web interface, navigate to Preferences->Appearance->Backgrounds and upload a new image (1280×720 jpeg format). However, we always had problems getting the LifeSize menus to not obscure the logo or words on the uploaded image. So we created a template using some trial and error. This template (in photoshop and .jpeg format below) outlines the menus and text fields of the screen where your image will be obscured. It is easiest to use in photoshop. Just add your images and adjust as you like, then delete the template layer, export to .jpeg and you are ready to upload. Enjoy.

LifeSize Background templates (dropbox link):

Photoshop file (in a .zip)

Template as a JPEG

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