Ankit Yadav
Feb 24, 2017 · 4 min read

Freestyle football has taught me a lot more things than my entire school life ever did. Personally, it has been a life changing experience.

Over the years freestyle football has not only helped me to make my physical life better but also has taught me a lot of values and ethics about life itself.

This is a general feeling that anyone who has ever done a bit of freestyle football can relate to. And the feeling gets even better as it turns from a hobby to passion and ultimately your life.

So after almost 3 years(not a big number) of practicing freestyle football, I think I have successfully deduced a simple principle that any general freestyle footballer should follow.

I call it the 3 P’s of freestyle football.

First P — Patience


  • the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

This is the primary reason that many people give up freestyle football even before they get properly started. OF COURSE!

They see a guy on YouTube, he does a triple around the world with ease. Then they go and try it themselves, and they can’t do it. Blimey! ‘Freestyle football isn’t meant for me cause I cannot do what he did on the very first try’- their thought process.

What do you think that we freestylers were born with these kind of skills? NO! It takes a lot of time to slowly learn and build upon these tricks one by one over the years. We just have to be patient and believe in ourselves that maybe not on the first try but we will be able to do this trick eventually.

Hence patience is the virtue that can make or break a freestyler.

Second P — Perseverance


  • persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success

That’s what we gotta to do to be successful just about anywhere, right?

Well, it couldn’t be more true for freestyle football also.

The proper procedure to learning freestyle football is to learn the basics properly and then slowly building upon them to learn the advanced level tricks. The thing is — they all are hard to learn.

I admit that some might people might find it easy to do something than others. But I truly believe that every freestyle trick requires as much dedication to learn no matter the level of difficulty.

It is only through this perseverance that ordinary men become legends.

Third P — Practice


  • the customary, habitual, or expected procedure or way of doing of something.

If you are not improving yourself then you are actually falling behind, because everyone else is! When you think that you have landed a trick once and that is enough for you, remember there are several others who are trying to improve that trick and do it 10 times better than you.

So you have got to keep on practicing those skills again and again, over a sustained period of time. Not only practice will make you a master of that trick it may also help you improve the trick further and do it in a way that people would not have even thought about.

Practice does makes a man perfect given the fact that he’s following the correct procedure and everything (topic for another time), but I believe that more than perfection it helps you gain a different perspective of that particular trick which allows you to improve it according to your own self.

So keep on believing and keep on practicing.

Thank you for reading till the end. If you have reached till here be sure to hit that little heart to make it go green.

Freestyle Works is undergoing some major changes and will be visible to you soon. Our philosophy towards freestyle football will remain unchanged but some new ways will be explored through which we can reach a bigger audience.

Thank you for being here.

Until next time.

the freestyle works

Here you will find something or more about FREESTYLE FOOTBALL. Freestyle football is an physical art-form that allows one to express himself using just a football and his body. Read on to know more.

Ankit Yadav

Written by

A student, freestyle footballer, learner. Co-founder of Freestyle Works. Living in India

the freestyle works

Here you will find something or more about FREESTYLE FOOTBALL. Freestyle football is an physical art-form that allows one to express himself using just a football and his body. Read on to know more.

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