Jadot and Hamon seal their marriage… waiting for Mélenchon?

Green Party leader Yannick Jadot announced he is stepping down as presidential candidate to support the socialist Benoit Hamon.

He called out Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the far-left candidate to join them and force a unique force for the left:

“Jean-Luc, in this agreement, there is everything you stand for: a constituent, a proportional representation, the phase-out of nuclear power and pesticides, the health care, the employment care and the struggle for social justice.”

Jean-Luc Melenchon, the candidate of La France Insoumise, was the guest of L’Emission Politique in France 2 yesterday night. During the show he declared, “ I don’t close any doors”. He argued that he would be opened to meet Benoit Hamon and Yannick Jadot during the weekend to discuss the issue.

Only point of dissention: Which candidate will have to step back?

Both candidates do not manage to find common ground for the moment. This weekend’s meeting might be able to see clearer in this issue.

Michael Vincent, Secretary of the Socialist Party in London, interviewed by The French Report was hopeful about a potential alliance between Hamon and Melenchon.

“I think Jean-Luc Melenchon needs to see the 85% that unites us rather than the 15% that may divide us in some ways.”

Many polls are suggesting that the unique way for the left to arrive to the runoff on the 7th of May is by finding unity among parties.

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