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The Friday Fix

Aging Gracefully

Based on the prompt for July 17th.

Markus Spiske for Unsplash

The woman only looked close to her sixty years in the mornings as she stumbled into the bathroom, stiff and sore, her husband would look on with concern.

In the evenings, she was fun, turning into a wildcat, not acting her age at all. That’s when he liked her best.

I took my tale from Brittany Howard’s sweet song, Stay High; the line “At night, when we get to play” as my inspiration.

Some of us believe age is just a number, whether our bodies want to cooperate or not is another thing altogether. Thanks to Justin as always, for his fun, interactive prompts!




Tough week? Self-medicate with a dose of microfiction! The Friday Fix is devoted to publishing fifty-word stories.

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Kim Smyth

Kim Smyth

Freelance writer/blogger, editor-creator of Words on a Page blog- Interests are creative writing, alternative medicine, and music.

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