Can we pray in peace?

Tauseef Warsi
Sep 14, 2018 · 6 min read

14–09–2018, Mumbai, India: I’m not afraid of Gurgaon, I just don’t want to be there.

Good Morning Everyone. It’s the Friday Post on a calm Friday morning. I, on the other hand, am not quite. Work took me to Gurgaon (now Gurugram) this week. A part of the National Capital Region, Gurgaon is a satellite town of Delhi. In the 1970s, Maruti set up a factory here and kickstarted the city’s journey towards prosperity. Today, it is home to a large number of MNCs and Indian firms. It is also a hub for IT and analytics companies. Gurgaon regularly features in the news for its crimes, especially those that take place against women. Today’s piece is neither about its economic prosperity nor about the crimes against women that take place here; today’s piece is about how Gurgaon makes me feel unsafe as an Indian Muslim.

Why Gurgaon is tough for Muslims

Two dark days and a generalisation


Am I generalising in haste? Maybe.

Two incidents might be too small a sample size to call a city unsafe for an entire segment of the population. So I guess I will let my initial reaction subside for the sake of statistics. Instead, I will talk about why Muslims pray in the open and why this is a bigger nuisance for us than it is for others for whatever inconceivable reason they may consider it one.

The Muslim Prayer and Friday

Regular daily prayers, though advised in a mosque, can also be offered in our homes or other convenient places. However, for the Friday prayers, there has to a congregation of people praying. Else, the prayer is not considered a Friday prayer. Hence, there is a time and a place allotted for people to gather so that they can fulfil an element of their faith.

A Friday congregation at Jama Masjid in Delhi

These beliefs lead to the number of people in a Friday prayer swelling way beyond that in regular prayers. In cities without an adequate number of mosques, this leads to people having to pray in grounds and open spaces. Quite often, even mosques do not have the capacity to sustain the number of devotees and hence we have to line up along roadsides to pray.

The Case with Gurgaon

Source: The Hindu

It’s not easy you know

The “Ground” Reality

Taken from Twitter

Problems aplenty

Questions, Questions, and Islamophobia

The Tales of a few Cities

I really don’t know if this comes across as a rant. More importantly, I don’t care today. It’s something that has been bearing on my mind for some time now and I just wanted to say it. I have. I don’t feel any better. I hope I do. I hope things get better too. Till then, live long and prosper!

The author is a routine Engineer-MBA with a nine-to-undefined job and lives under the illusion that he can write. He also blogs here.

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