The Front Desk by Worksmith 2 November 2018

Welcome to the The Front Desk by Worksmith
A weekly wrap up of what is happening in food, drinks and beyond.
Worksmith is a co-working space dedicated to the food, beverage & hospitality industry located in Collingwood, Melbourne.

Collated by Michael Bascetta 
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Worksmith News: Four Pillars x Worksmith Sponsored Membership

Since Worksmith Melbourne opened its doors we have received a huge amount of support from the industry. We have grown to 50 + members with a mix of people across the industry which include: wine, beer and spirit distributors, spirit producers, social media, graphic design, journalism and technology.

As our community grows with a diverse range of people, Worksmith, along with current member Four Pillars, would like to offer a one-off membership to an enterprising individual within the industry to help develop their ideas, offer feedback on their product or service and give them access to our community of industry professionals.

If you have a food, beverage or hospitality start-up and need help to make your idea a reality, fill out the form below!

Four Pillars was born just five years ago. It is now Australia’s number one craft spirit and is exported to over 20 countries around the world. Go for it.

Event: Grow Assembly, Community
Grow Assembly is venturing into the Fitzroy Town Hall for a day of talks and inspiration from some of the brightest minds in the industry. This year’s Melbourne Assembly is focusing on Community within the food, beverage and hospitality industry.

Speakers include Maria Canabal (Parabere Forum), Luke Burgess (Rocky Tops Farm), Matt Preston (MasterChef) & Luke Whearty (Operation Dagger & BYRDI).

Tickets are $115 for the full day of talks, morning tea, lunch, coffee & a bag full of bloody great things!

Click here to get your tickets!

Watch: P(Our) Symposium 2018 Perfection with Stacey Givens
From Seed to Glass
Chef and farmer Stacey Givens advocates the appreciation of imperfection in plants through her work; bringing urban farming to the table — and into drinks. Through The Side Yard Farm and Kitchen, she and her team are a central part of the hyperlocal food movement in Portland, OR.

Melbourne Job Wrap by Scout
This week’s job wrap from Scout includes jobs from Vinomofo, The Recreation & Domain Chandon.

Read more about the job opportunities here.