The Front Desk by Worksmith 6 July 2018

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Collated by Michael Bascetta 
Worksmith, Bar Liberty, Capitano & Grow Assembly

The Capitano team. Photo: Darrian Traynor

Food News: Bar Liberty team to open Italian Restaurant, Capitano
It is with huge excitement that I announce the opening of Capitano by the team behind Bar Liberty in Fitzroy. Capitano will take over the space previously known as the Beaufort and will open in early August.

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Watch: Grow Assembly Sydney — Change with Joanna Savill
Grow Assembly ventured into Sydney for its first event outside of Melbourne. The theme of Change explored ideas from a team of hospitality legends from Neil Perry AM, Joanna Savill & Mitch Orr.

We will be featuring all of the talks each week here on The Front Desk.

Here, food writer Joanna Savill talks about the change that has occurred in food trends over the years from our own backyard to the best restaurants in the world.

Read: The Art of the Restaurateur by Nicholas Lander
As we all know new cookbooks from chefs all over the world are released every day. However we seldom see a book which captures the ins and outs of owning and running a restaurant.

The Art of the Restaurateur uncovers the secrets of some of the world’s best operators from an industry too often shrouded with smoke and mirrors.

Hear from legends such as Neil Perry (Rockpool Group), Gilbert Pilgram (Polpo Group) & Danny Meyer (Union Square Hospitality) who carve out their learnings from a lifetime in hospitality.

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Melbourne Job Wrap by Scout
This week’s job wrap features positions at Brae, Attica and Marion.

If you are after a job in hospitality there isn’t a better time to apply to one of these positions!

Find out more the positions here.