The Front Desk by Worksmith 17 August 2018

Welcome to the The Front Desk by Worksmith
A weekly wrap up of what is happening in food, drinks and beyond.

Collated by Michael Bascetta 
Worksmith, Bar Liberty, Capitano & Grow Assembly

Worksmith Events: 
Not Too Early: Managing Mental Health in the Industry
High profile suicides have happened in our industry over the last 2 years, in particular.

What is mental health awareness?
How do you put it into practice in a day-to-day way in the industry?
How do we look after ourselves and each other?

When you work in hospo, you don’t want to get up too early, so Worksmith and Turnip Media have collaborated to bring you some leaders in their fields to share their experiences and tell their stories, at a reasonable hour. Each talk will offer a unique insight from members of and contributors to the food, drink and hospitality industries.

The cost to attend a Not Too Early talk is $20 and numbers are limited. (Free for Worksmith members). We’ll have tea, filter coffee and pastries from North Fitzroy’s Loafer Bread for the session.

When: 11:00am-12:00pm Monday, September 3, 2018
Where: Worksmith 450 Smith Street Collingwood

Watch: Grow Assembly Sydney — Change with Bernice Colcomb, The Star 
Grow Assembly ventured into Sydney for its first event outside of Melbourne in early May, The theme of Change explored ideas from a team of hospitality legends from Neil Perry AM, Joanna Savill & Mitch Orr.

Bernice Colcomb has twenty-five years’ experience as a qualified Chef, with roles across a variety of cuisines and kitchen styles. Extending from fine dining to production kitchens, she has managed teams of over thirty-five, including the opening of the Harvest Buffet at The Star Sydney. It is her extensive experience which makes her a valuable advocate for youth of today in the culinary world.

Podcast: City Larder’s Cooking the Books with Daniel Wilson Cooking the Books wants to take you behind the velvet curtain of the food industry and give you the opportunity to meet the people working in it every day. This is a hospitality podcast delving into all aspects of the food industry; from restaurants to butchers, chefs to sommeliers, cheese mongers to brewers, and everything in between.

Daniel Wilson from Huxtaburger chats about his time in America, growing food at home and a few tips on how to open a restaurant.

Melbourne Job Wrap by Scout
This week’s job wrap from Scout includes jobs from Stomping Ground, Section 8 & Prince Wine Store.

Find out more about the positions here.