How To Increase Sales From Your Existing Traffic

Increase Sales From Existing Traffic (Image Credits: Freepik)

The challenging task for any e-commerce store is to get customers repeatedly and to convert their web visitors into successful leads which is so-called “E-commerce Conversion Rates”. In other words, it is the ratio between the number of visits to an online store and the number of purchases made in a given period of time.

Statistics says, the average conversion rate in E-commerce is 1.33% and if you’re operating at a 3.6% conversion rate or higher, you’re among the industry top performers. (Credits: Compass)

Good till now! however, you can increase your sales without tempting a new visitor to the site. Here’re the different action-driven solutions that will help you get more sales from the traffic you already have.

All you can do is:

  • Utilize your customer’s accounts
  • Get in touch with regular newsletter emails
  • Implement right place, right product, right time notification
  • Go & Surprise your customers with mega sale event
  • Reach out and connect on social media and post often with limited time exciting deals
  • Welcome your customers by offering discount or credit on first purchase
  • Delight customers with the very personalized message.
  • Inform immediately about price drop off alert to make quick purchase

We’ve been through the possible ways to get traffic on site but what makes it effective to get potential results?

There are a number of ways to get it done. An Email Campaigns, SMS/Text Messages, Push Notification and other social media platforms are quite helpful to grow your revenue by repeat customers. And the good thing is Push Notifications enjoy a unique position in this scenario.

Suggesting additional products based on a customer’s past purchases is a great way to get repeat purchases from your customers. You can segment your subscribers based on their past purchases and send them very relevant, very targeted messages through all of the communication medium mentioned above.

With proper use of marketing channels, you will be able to collect a ton of loyalty from your existing customers who will start trusting you to curate products for them. You can also go further and collect feedback about your products on this basis.

Of course, you can use any marketing channel for all these shortcomings and grow your sales up to 2x or more.

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