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Karen King
Apr 11, 2017 · 3 min read

I planned to do an interview today. Something really special. Insightful.
Only, I forgot to confirm the meeting time. And by that I mean I didn’t put forward a time at all. And by that I mean I didn’t reach out to anyone about an interview at all.

But! Being the intrepid reporter I am, I went forward with the interview, regardless.

Obviously, I didn’t want to travel far for the interview. Or put pants on. Or leave my bed at all. So I turned to a trusted friend: my pillow.

Pillow’s been through a lot.
Pillow’s seen some things.
And learned some valuable life lessons along the way.

Here are pillow’s top 4 life lessons, which I’ve retold for you here on account that I didn’t write anything down for fear of dropping my notebook on my face while we chatted:

Morning is no time to mince words.

1. Spring for good stuff, toss the old and lumpy.

Pillow’s dad lives by the saying, ‘you get what you pay for’. And although at first it mostly seemed like a shame that he would never see a free movie in the park, he’s actually pretty on the money. Don’t compromise where it counts. Be comfortable. In your skin. In your bed. Turn your back on the bad people and lumpy pillows in your life.

My pillows. Hopeless romantics, I guess.

2. A few wrinkles aren’t a bad thing.

Chasing perfection suuuucks. Take, for instance, that one day a year where you really have to pull yourself together. You’ve steamed and are wearing that one nice outfit you wear — and will continue to turn to well into the foreseeable future — and you’re looking sharp. Then you try to sneak in a nap. Only, you can’t get off your shirt without messing up your hair, so you plan to lie real still and hope to hell that you wake up as the crisp angel you are. And then what happens? You have a shitty nap and make your hair all wonky. So forget it. Live your life. Get messy, and be ok with looking like you did. Earn your crow’s feet. Nap like it’s your job.

Ugh. But. Zzzzzzzz’s tho.

3. Make sure your shit don’t stink.

Look around. Your life. Your house. Your pillows. Are you happy with what you see? Don’t worry what anybody else thinks or has or does. According to you, and you only, does it definitely not stink?
You’d be surprised how often people bring others’ opinions and emotional baggage into their home and let it stink up the place. Do what you want. Surround yourself with things that are so you. As long is it doesn’t stink — to you.

Cheeky motherfucker.

4. Sleep on it.

You know why you’ve heard that a million times? Not just because your brain needs time to sort things out. It does. It’s because you’re cranky af when you’re tired.

I sell these ‘Get up, make out’ pillowcases. 2 cases. For good times, flip them to make 4 messages. Fun!

The Fuck Yeah Society

A catalogue of the many ways to live awesomely

Karen King

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I live on a houseboat, sell stuff, & have 7 too many plants.

The Fuck Yeah Society

A catalogue of the many ways to live awesomely

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