The Fusion Time-Lock technology as additional asset protection.

The cryptocurrency industry continues to face ongoing smart contract hacks and user assets thefts. This was and remains one of the main reasons why many people are still afraid to invest in crypto currencies and use them as a store of value, accumulating them.

Exclusively created for the finance sector, the Fusion blockchain is one step ahead of all these problems and ensures additional protection for investors’ funds — The Time-Lock technology (abbreviated as TL), which currently has no analogues or competitors and is patented.

The Time-Lock technology allows any user to convert Fusion coins into TL-Fusion coins, while your assets remain in your wallet (having full ownership rights over them) and do not directly interact with the smart contract. Furthermore, you can freely use your TL balance for any necessary financial transactions, for the time period you pre-determined.

This could be:

- Liquid pools

- Futures trading

- Options trading

- Collateralization of futures instead of full assets

What’s more, Fusion’s massive financial platform Chainge Finance offers these services in a seamless way with no risks and no hassle.
When converting assets into TL assets, TL instantly provides the interest for the entire time-lock period.

Fusion allows TL functions to be applied to other real-world assets, giving them the added security they need today.

For more information on Fusion’s innovative Time-Lock feature, see the Fusion Gitbook.

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