Running list of Futures resources

This is a repository of my learnings on current work being done about the world of speculative fiction, critical design and more. Feel free to comment more resources you think can be helpful to those looking to learn more about futures thinking!


Futures studies | Wikiwand

The Namesake: Futures; futures studies; futurology; futuristic; foresight — What’s in a name? by Ziauddin Sardar

Design Fiction: A short essay on design, science, fact and fiction. by Julian Bleecker

Future-Oriented Design

Design fiction | Wikiwand

Online communities to join

link to join “speculative futures” international slack:

link to join discord for speculative india:

link to join “Designers group for Good”

Academia, Blogs, Articles + notes, resources

Discursive design

The cones of future

Journal of future studies |

Future Resources

People/ Thought leaders

Julian Bleecker (USA)

Anab Jain(UK)

List of the world’s top female futurists (Update #4) — Ross Dawson

Futurists | Futurist Resources | Futurist Methodologies and Articles

Awesome spreadsheet compilations of resources:

Newsletters to subscribe to

By Julian Bleecker from the Near Future Laboratory:

Trend alerts:

For Case studies

Futures Podcasts

Some futures podcasts:

z/topia (

z\topia is a video podcast that invites designers and artists to muse, speculate and poke at articles and projects they’ve found on the internet. We invite you to see through the eyes and minds of some of the planet’s most creative thinkers as we debate, philosophize and stir up absurd ideas and speculations about the world around us and the future ahead.
Hosted by Phil Balagtas of the Design Futures Initiative

The Full-time Dreamer Project:

The Wicked Opportunities Podcast:

Future pod:

Afrofuturist podcast:

I started one too called “The Future Fiction Podcast”:

Videos of Talks/presentations/event/webinar/discussions

Youtube talks/presentations

Near Future Laboratory

Future studies



“Lots of different mutations occurring in this field right now”- Anthony dunne


Dunne and Raby

Dunne and Raby| Designed realities lab

James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau

Design Fiction| MIT Media Lab | Archived projects

Near Future Laboratory

Takram London

[Policy lab| UK government](

Strange Telemetry | London

Next Nature Network

[Extrapolation factory](

Speculative everything by Dunne and Raby

Discursive design by Bruce and Stephanie


Core 77 | Discursive Design


Competitions+events+call for participation

Futuring Peace — Design Futures Initiative

Futures Festival 2020 Conference ReclaimFutures is a technology and culture conference around the broad subjects of post-capitalist desire, utopian exploration, ecology and alternative computing.

Slides of presentations

23rd march 2019 a brief introduction to design fiction

Slideshare slides on design fiction, speculative fiction, critical design, etc

Interesting ideas to explore later?

speculative sprint story collection;

speculative collective subscription



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