Submission Guidelines for The Future is Electric

The world is an exciting place these days with tremendous advances in clean energy and clean transportation. Global economic growth has decoupled from carbon and it’s easy to see a low-carbon future from here.

TFIE is a site devoted to talking about what works and what doesn’t in our low-carbon transformation. While a fair amount of attention will be paid to the transformation of the electrical grid and the electrification of transportation, TFIE will also talk about what works and what doesn’t in communication, policy and technology.

The future is already here. It’s just unevenly distributed.
— William Gibson
I choose to live in pockets of the future.
— Michael Barnard

To be invited to participate as a writer on TFIE, please contact me at or DM me on Send me at least two links to pieces you have elsewhere or in draft. Quality of writing must be high with no grammatical or spelling mistakes, an engaging style and solid references to good sources. Review articles already on TFIE to see the standard.

Once you are a writer, submit stories as drafts using Medium’s functionality for that purpose. Provide two title options in addition to the primary title at the top of the article so I can select the most engaging one. I’m happy to republish great content, but you will need to duplicate it into a draft and tweak it for TFIE. All content must be yours. Graphics should be licensed, Creative Commons or your own and you must have at least one graphic in your article. Please note that I will do minimal editing for typos, so if a piece is substandard it won’t get published. I will let you know why it was rejected.

TFIE doesn’t pay, but I encourage you to use Medium’s Partnership program. Anything published on TFIE will be promoted through any Medium promotion TFIE attracts, all Medium followers and the associated Twitter and Facebook pages. Your promotion through your social media outlets is strongly encouraged.

The future is electric. Become part of it.


Michael Barnard