The Future of Design Education Pt. 104

Design Thinking within All

New operating models = Design Thinking

The operating model of organizations are undergoing a seismic shift in how teams of people organize. With it comes the vital attribution of direct skill sets that individuals bring to the collective team and mission of the company. Such a model relies heavily on each contributor self governing her work, to be strategic and creative, mindful and empathetic.

The value of Design Thinking

Organizing in a lean agile model requires each new team member to be fully function both in craft, customer and company. Those that hold a Design Thinking mind know of its true value. It is a problem solving framework that makes decision-making entirely possible, whether it be a relatively simple problem area, or of vast complexity.

A generation of design thinkers

Imagine what it would look like if an entire organization had foundational knowledge and training in Design Thinking! In my experience, Design Thinking starts and stops with a teams ability to meaningfully move through through the problem solving methodology with a similar understanding.

Upskilling an entire generation to leverage a Design Thinking mind is an incredible feat — one that if introduced at an early age, in K-12 can have massive ramifications in young people’s professional experiences.

Call to action

Take a moment this week to educate someone in your life on the topic of Design Thinking. Picking up on a simple example typically works best. Go from start to finish to help illustrate how you can apply the mindset of a design thinker. Imagine if everyone who applied DT educated someone else? What a world it would be. Go forthward and thrive!

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