The Future of Design Education Pt. 13

Inspiring Designers

Inspiring the next generation of designers to lead with confidence, harness a values-driven mindset and foster continual growth as they enter into industry is among the top on my list of my most near and impactful ways I can add unique value in my work.

For this reason, I am personally commitment to seeing to it that my work is directly aligned with this vision:

Inspire the next generation of design influencers to illuminate their fullest expression of humanness.

Putting Words to Paper

And so, I am poised to continue to ignite the world of designers to create meaningful change in the problems they solve in the world.

In the coming weeks, I will be outlining a guide called: The Designers Guide to The Future. My intentions will remain focused on providing a medium for new designers to establish the basis by which they can manifest powerful impact in the world of design — providing the perspectives, values, mindsets techniques and approaches necessary to lead as a design influencer.

UXing the Book

My direct intention is to document the creation of the book. Although I have quite a bit personally to say on this topic, I would be remiss if I did not practice UX in the writing of this book. Therefore, I will be thoroughly documenting the build as I progress forward in its creation. Chapters will be released as they are written in draft form, open to the public as a method of getting feedback to inform revisions.

This post is my pledge and commitment to take action and get to writing!

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