How to catch the ‘rogues’ threatening your institution

Andrew Waxman is having a great year — countless articles published, a brand new book (Rogues of Wall Street!) and, to top it all off, he’s been featured on a podcast with American Banker.

In ‘How to catch the ‘rogues’ threatening your institution,’ Waxman is in conversation with Joe Adler of American Banker. They discuss the main themes of his book, his motivation to write it, and some of the profiles that Waxman outlines in the book — the ‘rogues’ that institutions should watch out for.

Waxman, as a risk manager and operations professional with years of experience, wanted to write about all of the issues and incidents that risk managers have had to deal with in the past decade. As technology continues to touch banks and other financial services companies (they now operate as much like tech firms as they do banks!) Waxman felt it was important to have the recent history of risk in one place and to discuss the many options now available to manage risk. In the digital age, ‘rogues’ have certainly increased, but so have the ways in which rogues can be managed, mitigated, or ousted entirely.

For more about risk management, trading, rogues, and even a little Downton Abbey, listen to American Banker’s podcast ‘How to catch the ‘rogues’ threatening your institution.’