The new fight

The story we all share

We all share a common misconstrued destination that we hardly talk about, until it happens to someone we love; death. Death is the only thing we all share in common, regardless of how we see it. There is a long lost love for all things living, that we tend to dismiss with our egos. We all search for these definitive answers to life, hoping to achieve the end game of all knowledge. Though many of ‘us’ are humbled by the vastness that surrounds our existence, we often fall short as a whole to understand the true act of brotherly and sisterly love. Some people find it better to find compassion and love with family, friends or strangers; sadly, only one, at best 2 of these become our crutch. For myself, if I were to use a numerical system to defined what balance physically looks like in it’s base form, the number 3 would take center stage. I often have this stigmata that 3, or 3 of something can represent practical everything on a general level, but like all things, there are degrees and levels that always amplify the base, or general principal.

The common problem ‘we’, mankind, constantly faces is the inherently fact that this world produces a fair amount of negative, positive and neutral offspring; accounted for by all species. This is not by genetic factors, but rather condemned by societal and environmental aspects. Genetics plays a major role, but ultimately can be traced back in time to a physical experience (societal & environmental) that our ancestors lived through and adopted. Nature seems to have a way of directly and indirectly effecting all it’s creation though randomized chaos, which stacks in such complexities that the hidden equations to existence remain adapting and evolving; frozen in fast forward indefinitely. Thinkers, or rather individuals have always been the catalyst for shaping our futures by leading, controlling and creating societal frameworks. It’s more of a state of survival that creates such individuals: one’s that see we need each other to pursue change and purpose. Many people have taken advantage of knowledge throughout the course of history, but in the end, these negative thinking individuals were not born, but created and shaped by their environmental reality.

Racism is one of those things that even death has yet to fully eradicate from genetic mutation, caused by scared and self serving individuals. Racism, and gender bias are the works of family heritages forming allegiance to pass on family knowledge for survival; if one member of the family believes a particular race is in anyway threatening or a menace to society, their offspring inherits their beliefs as a protection system of survival. Of course, this is nothing more that a lack of experience and or willingness to understand multiple perspectives, due to fear of unlearning and relearning knowledge; simply put, we protect our beliefs at all cost. As a individual gains more knowledge, it becomes easier to except we can’t understand everything, which allows one to adapt new principals that integrate with or replace the old; human evolution at it’s finest.

Times are starting to amplify cause and effect, which only faster accelerates what’s coming next. Just as the world naturally creates incalculable disasters, mankind creates predictable ones. It’s become a race called, the survival of the fitness; it’s not what mankind wants, it’s what selflessness and senselessness of belonging creates. Throughout the world, history has created a system which adapts the physical ideology of the pyramid into it’s daily life. By this I mean, the base is always wanting to work it’s way to the top, and when challenge overbearingly is stronger that one’s ability, hostility and canniness is created to skip levels of experience needed to move up. Any system which has a base, only remains as supportive as it’s leaders. This effect often takes a toll on bright minded and caring individuals, as they are always needing to defend from others wanting the same level of power (knowledge); evidently turning the most straightest arrows into crooked forks.

If you were to take the pyramid and overlap it over our governing framework and societal structures, we would see it represents a 2-demential, one-sided structure, with a direction of either up or down. Through layers of historic events that have built continuous additions to the governing body, we have managed to created a multi perplexed 3-dementional representation of something that only works in two directions (up or down). This could be why the feeling of current society seems more broken (scared), rather than a random chaos molding to what is needed. We are still holding on to the past, in fear of death, which can bear-trap mankind into wanting to remain relevant during our existence; let me tell you, this hurts no one but the future of our children, left to right our wrongs. There is a reason for no real perception of direction in the vacuum space, as it would limit possible futures into linear paths of predictability, eventually being forced to an end. Time is ticking away, not for the universe but rather for mankind, so the questions quietly remain: what are we going to do about it? How are we going to shape it? How do we care even more with so much going on? How do we change for the better?

It’s all starts with you!

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