Electric Cars II, The Movie Theater Analogy

It is pretty safe to say that electric cars are on the rise. More and more people around the world are becoming educated on the subject of electric cars. Electric cars are the future ladies and gentleman.

At one point in time, we will run out of fossil fuels because oil is a finite resource. Trust me, we will someday be looking at a world of electric cars as the new standard and majority of drivers on the road.

As more people catch a drift of the benefits of an electric car, people will switch and less people will drive a gas powered vehicle. As less people drive a gas powered vehicle, that means gas prices will go up and electric cars will become more and more affordable as we innovate.

For example, movie theaters used to be so popular back in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and so on. Nowadays we have Netflix and Hulu to stream almost any show, documentary or movie you want. There are more streaming platforms but we will keep it short and to the point for now.

So what exactly happened? Well, movie theaters used to be a sell out industry. Back then, movie theaters were a getaway from life and an activity you couldn’t enjoy at home.

Now we have a movie theater in our living room, able watch whatever desired at the click of a button. This made streaming platforms a hit and allowed users to enjoy a movie at home.

That meant movie theaters were now going downhill in getting people to actually go to a theater. I personally like going to a movie theater but I would rather be in my pajamas watching The Office at the expense of a small monthly payment.

That means as more and more people are at home watching movies at a more inexpensive cost, movie theater prices go through the roof. If less people are going to the theater, prices go up to make up for the lost revenue.

Have you ever tried to buy popcorn, candy, and a large Coca-Cola at a theater? I have, and that’s about $50 later for two people, not including ticket cost.

My point here is that as we shift into electric cars and innovate, that will become the “at home movie theater” and the gas powered car will become the actual “movie theater.” Electric cars becoming the norm and gas cars becoming a piece of history.

I will say without gas powered cars paving the way for modern transportation, there would be no electric car. Without the movie theater, there would be no household streaming entertainment platform.

According to businessinsider.com, automotive manufacturers are making an investment of $225 billion to new electric vehicle developments. These innovations are happening and are goals set for now and before the year 2030.

As we move through the decade, we will see more and more electric vehicles coming out and making their way to the streets.

Just imagine by the year 2030, a majority of drivers will find themselves in an electric vehicle, not to mention the developments made to them as the industry adapts and learns more about electric cars and what they need in order to succeed in the future.

As we develop and find easier ways to mass produce them in more inexpensive processes, the electric car will become more affordable for the common household and more convenient than gas powered cars.

The investments the industry is making now is going to impact the future of the automobile. The future is bright ahead.

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