Hello Everyone! My name is David J. Littlefield and I am currently studying at the University at Buffalo’s School of Management. The topic that I will be covering and sharing with you guys is about the future of the automobile.

The business change that I will be giving an account of is the evolution of the automobile then fast-forward to the electric and efficient car world that we live in today.

I am personally interested in this topic because I have grown up around cars my whole life from racing go-karts to hanging around my dad’s mechanical and collision shop ever since I was a little kid. My father growing up had a 1957 Chevrolet in high school which is one of the most renown old school cars ever made.

He opened up his first automotive business in 1979 when he was just 19 years old and still owns the same car shop today. His name is Richard Littlefield and he is a motorhead for life.

On top of working on cars he raced modified and late model race cars for the love of racing and going fast. He eventually got me to race go-karts alongside my brother. We loved every second spent with our dad working on the go-karts and coaching us every step of the way for most of our early upbringing.

I am not sure on how to work on cars but my father peaked my interest in cars from his love for his business and his need for speed.

It relates to my philosophy of work in the sense that being around cars and working on go-karts as far as the mechanics, diagnostics, and science instilled an understanding early in my life as to what sorts of sacrifice goes into every nut and bolt.

That is essentially where my interest sprouted in automobiles. The interesting part of our world today is we are moving into a more eco-friendly world and that calls for the demand of electric cars.

The topic of electric cars is so interesting and impressive considering the technology and impact it has on our environment. Electric cars are still in their beginning stages due to the fact that most of us still drive gas powered cars.

The realm of electric cars is certainly happening now but will be crucial in the near future in our rapidly changing world of transportation.

Readers who aren’t educated on electric cars will find that this research is beneficial allowing them to take away important facts from these findings as to where our future is realistically heading.

What I already know about this topic is that electric cars are here to stay and the evolutionary road to electric cars is inevitable. We will all be in an electric car and laws will be passed to regulate them and either restrict or ban gas powered vehicles almost entirely which may sound highly unbelievable since a majority of us drive gas guzzling cars.

The questions that I have involving the topic include the following: What are going to happen to gas powered cars in the future? How long will it take to have everyone in an electric car? What kind of impact will the electric car have on our future?

These questions interest me because we all know that gasoline and oil are limited on our planet, therefore at some point in time we will all have to make a switch considering the fact that we don’t exactly know when we will run dry of this finite resource.

An area of knowledge that would help someone to prepare themselves for this futuristic change is on the education and research of the electric car. The reader would need to be informed as to what sort of sacrifices and change would need to be made to switch over to the foreseeable future of automobiles.



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