The Electric Car

Today as of 2020, I have seen more and more electric cars than I have ever seen in my life on the road. It seems as though everywhere I go, I see a self driving Tesla which is one of the higher end electric motor vehicles.

I personally do not own an electric car let alone a self driving car which seems highly dangerous yet legal.

If I could, I would make a switch to an electric car because of the goodness it brings to our environment and I know that is exactly where our future is heading so why not make the switch now before it becomes mandatory and regulated to drive an earth loving car.

Currently I drive a Volvo XC90, 2006 and I must say it’s an absolutely amazing, safe, luxurious and reliable car. Since driving the vehicle, haven’t faced too many problems besides filling up that guzzling gas tank.

The interesting thing about my car is that it can only take premium, high quality gas which is better for mileage, the environment and makes your engine two times cleaner than regular unleaded.

Every week I go to fill up at some point and by the time I am done topping off the tank I am sitting at a whopping $50-$55!

Other gas powered cars take $25-$40 on newer Chevrolet and Ford models like the Chevrolet Trax or the Ford Fusion. If you take away filling up your gas tank (not as often at least) and switch to an electric car, you’re looking at saving so much money and doing so much more good for your planet that needs to be taken care of just like a baby.

If you continue to fill the planet with the burning of fossil fuels which is a finite resource, then your planet is going to feel those negative effects and increase global warming which we all have learned about in our grade school earth science class.

According to KJRH TV, Tulsa Channel 2 News, a survey was conducted with electric car owners and they said that 96% of electric vehicle owners considered purchasing another one because it was that much more convenient to have one. Electric and gas car owners did 87% of their regular day to day driving in an electric car which says a lot about preference in gas consumption verses electric power usage.

Electric owners saved roughly $700 in gas annually. Who wouldn’t like to save that much money on top of being eco friendly? Owners of electric cars also saved more than $300 a year in maintenance on their vehicle. It is safe to say that as technology progresses and we move further into the future, gas cars will be a thing of the past and electric cars will be our stepping stone to transportation innovation.

We are definitely looking at a prediction of a decade where most of the world will make the switch to electric cars on top of more and more electric fill-up stations everywhere you go.

The electric car is slowly but surely on the rise with it’s money saving benefit and environmental influence.

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