The Road Ahead

We say goodbye to gas powered cars and a warm hello to electric cars. The future as we know is rapidly evolving and innovating. The automotive industry is certainly one that is ready to take on the future.

The future of electric cars is very exciting. I see so many electric cars whether I am at school, on the road, or in a grocery store parking lot. Ten years ago I would have never thought we as humans would reach this kind of potential.

Apparently we as a species, as you may have heard before, have evolved more rapidly in the last 30 years than we ever have throughout human history. Humans are such an intelligent species. In fact we are the most intelligent species on the planet.

Why is that? This is because we are the best at adapting to our environment. No other species is doing what we’re doing in the world in which we live.

What does this have anything to do with electric cars? Well, the automotive industry through research and education, since the beginning of the mass production of vehicles, have adapted to our environment today knowing the consequences of burning fossils fuels and using a finite resource.

We as a species have learned through new discoveries, sciences, mathematics, and engineering that our world needs an electric car. As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, we need to switch and adapt.

If we don’t adapt and find new ways to live including the future of the automobile and what’s at stake, we will have difficulty surviving. This process of adaptation is a never-ending process.

At some point in time we will have to learn to adapt to something more futuristic than an electric car, but we don’t fully know the cons of an electric car. Not until the electric car when mass produced and everyone is in one will know the dark side of them.

We know what the dark side of gas cars are, and that is the burning of fossil fuels and the negative effects it has on our planet.

We don’t know what is after the era of electric cars because we are not that far in time yet, but my point is adaptation is a continuous and sempiternal cycle.

The most important thing going forward is that we have a solution to not burn fossil fuels and protect our planet. The solution is funding, researching, educating, and mass producing electric cars to thrive and survive.

Electric cars are the new wave. Our road ahead is filled with endless possibilities. The future of the automobile is one of brilliance and amazement.

The automotive industry has a special treat for all of us as we advance into the new decade. What a time to be alive.



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David J. Littlefield

Attend the University at Buffalo. Buffalo Sabres Fan. Ice hockey is my favorite activity.