Marc Zaransky Explains How Tesla Is Changing The Future Of Cars


Love it or hate it, Tesla is here to stay. The brand has become a household name and electric cars are no longer simply a novelty idea. But if Tesla has managed to make an indelible impression on the auto market of today, its impact on the future of cars is even more drastic and long lasting.

Entrepreneur and business owner Marc Zaransky has been a mobility consultant and provides lease vehicles and finance options to large corporate accounts and professionals for the past 35 years. With such experience, he has got this finger on the pulse of the auto market. “Tesla is not your run-of-the-mill automaker,” he says. “This is a company that puts innovation first and rather than give customers what they want, it brings consumers along for the ride of their lives.” Zaransky believes that Tesla is changing cars in three main ways.

Going Electric

The calls to end the dominance of fossil-fuel in the auto industry have been getting louder for decades. The impact of vehicle exhaust on the environment has been too large to ignore. Yet carmakers have been reluctant to take any major steps in that direction. Until Tesla showed up and pushed for electrification.

“Not until Model S,” says Marc Zaransky, “and later Model X has made a big splash on the scene that people started to take electric cars seriously. At $93 billion, it’s the most valuable car company in the US today.” Sensing the shift in the wind, other automakers began releasing their own electric cars as well. In 20 years, it is estimated that more than half of the new cars on the streets would be electric.

Autopilot, Anyone?

If cars running on electricity seemed like a wild idea a few years ago, having a car that drives itself was more of a fictional idea than something that the CEO of a car company would propose to the shareholders. But autopilots have been a distinguishing achievement of Tesla to date.

“The Tesla models,” explains Marc Zaransky, “that first hit the streets in 2015 were semi-autonomous. They didn’t really drive themselves in the same way that Google cars that came out later did. Tesla cars managed to stay in the same lane and maintain speed and distance from other cars on the road.” But it’s obvious that the car future is heading toward the driverless path.

The Power of Zeros and Ones

Of course, when humans take their hands off the wheel, it’s computers that take over and start steering the car. Which brings us to Tesla’s innovation in software and car technology. Not only will cars rely on software to navigate traffic-congested roads, and deliver their human passengers safely to their destination, these cars will update themselves on the fly.

Over-the-air (OTA) updates is a unique Tesla feature that paves the way for creating intelligent cars capable of learning and improving long after the car has left the assembly line and is driving itself on the road — a problem that had previously been a concern for electric cars.

Marc Zaransky concludes that electric cars look to be the automobiles of the future, and Tesla is leading the charge forward currently.



Marc Zaransky
The Future of Trasnportation with Marc Zaransky

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