Famous guy with plenty to share but could Virgin have done a Twitter Q & A with a pilot?

Sometimes a famous or back-room person takes time out to answer questions on Twitter. You either tune in for the allotted hour, dip in or submit your question with the hashtag before or during the Q&A. Your question maybe pulled out of the hat and answered. Or answered speedily by a team fearing the worse; no questions and grateful for yours came along.

Do brands still do Twitter Q & A’s? when they do it’s less about the brand answering questions because that is why they are on social in the first place. More often they have someone interesting. To subvert the quote

Brands don’t do Twitter Q & A’s interesting people do

Some random thoughts on Twitter Q & A’s

  1. I have always want to ask .. When you have someone interesting or even famous they can act as a lightening rod for questions.
  2. Backroom curiosity. Who does the interesting jobs in your organisation? Maybe you have someone doing a job the public don’t know much about so that might lead to questions.
  3. Campaign. Link the Q & A to a campaign you are running. This is one way to put that celebrity support to work for you.

Their is another way. A Twitter chat, #BufferChat #NHSchat do these very well. Or maybe just thrown yourself, a celebrity or whoever else you can think off onto Reddit for a Ask Me Any Thing (AMA)? Or go deeper, down the video route and have a Google Hangout. Just wondering; has the energy gone out of Twitter Q & A’s? Mike Elgan done a Meerkat Livestream as an invitation to ask him questions.

Twitter Q & A’s can deliver up the people who are not active or even on Twitter. The good news is that those un-sung heroes via a Twitter Q & A can come to the front of the house for people to ask them questions. You sometimes catch a fleeting glance of them when the Q & A photo is posted. The one with them arched over a laptop ready to hit those keys and answer your questions.

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